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Appearing in "He Who Laughs Last...!"

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Synopsis for "He Who Laughs Last...!"

Following Spider-Man's battle with the Hitman, the wall-crawler returns J. Jonah Jameson to his office. The publisher is less than thankful about Spider-Man's rescue attempt, and Spider-Man literally gives Jameson a spin after he chews out Spider-Man, before leaving.

The next morning, Peter awakens to find that his arm is completely healed, he decides to go see his Aunt May and finds a note on her apartment staying that she's participating in a Grey Panthers protest. Going to meet up with her there, Peter witnesses Aunt May get into an altercation with a police officer, when she suddenly has a heart attack and passes out. Throwing the cop aside, Peter comes to her aid and he eventually leaves with her in an ambulance. At the hospital, Mary Jane arrives to comfort Peter and to check in on Aunt May.

After learning of Aunt May's condition, Peter and Mary Jane visit with her briefly before departing. On his way home, Peter happens upon Barton Hamilton's office and finds it in shambles. Figuring that Harry may have reverted to his Green Goblin persona, Peter decides to seek out his friend as Spider-Man.

At the apartment shared by Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn, Flash returns home to find the place trashed and the Green Goblin present. Believing that it's Harry, back in his Goblin guise, Flash tries to talk sense into him when Spider-Man shows up. This leads to a fight between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man. The fight takes a turn for the worse when the Goblin grabs Flash Thompson and throws him out the nearby window.


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  • Inks (story pages): Mooney (uncredited) page 1, DeZuniga pages 2-17.

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