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Synopsis for "Green Grows the Goblin!"

Spider-Man crashes in on the Green Goblin, Silvermane, and a bunch of mobsters who are meeting at the World Trade Center. Spider-Man attacks just before the Green Goblin can reveal his identity. However, during the fight both the Goblin and Silvermane retreat. After beating the thugs, Spider-Man decides to depart.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, the doctors tell Mary Jane that they have to perform an operation on Aunt May, but cannot do it without authorization from the next of kin. If they can't get a hold of Peter soon, Aunt May will die. Peter meanwhile, returns to his apartment unaware of his aunt's plight and tries to resume his studies after a visit from Glory Grant.

Meanwhile, the Green Goblin returns to his hideout to taunt his hooded captive about his activities. As Peter gives up on his studying and decides to go back out looking for the Green Goblin, Mary Jane shows up at the Daily Bugle looking for Peter. Jonah convinces her to call Peter's apartment. Peter is just about to leave as Spider-Man when he decides to turn back and answer the phone. When he learns of Aunt May's fate, Peter tells Mary Jane to meet him at the hospital.

Rushing there as Spider-Man, Peter almost makes it when he's attacked by the Green Goblin. Unable to shake off his foe, the disorientated Spider-Man is caught in a specially treated bag and carted off by the Goblin, while Mary Jane waits by Aunt May's bed for Peter to arrive.


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