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  • Forest Hills Graveyard caretaker (First and only known appearance)




Synopsis for "Flashback!"

Visiting the grave of his Uncle Ben, Spider-Man thinks back and reflects on his entire career as Spider-Man. He recalls the events that led to him getting his spider-powers, and how the death of his Uncle Ben were the catalysts that led to him becoming Spider-Man. He recalls his brief stint in show-biz, his first encounter with the Fantastic Four, and Jameson's early smear campaigns about Spider-Man in the Bugle. He thinks about all the times Jameson has sent super-powered beings or high tech machines after him as well.

He recalls his relationships with Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, and the Stacy's. He recalls how George Stacy died at the hands of Dr. Octopus, and Gwen was murdered by the Green Goblin. He recalls Curt Connors struggles as the Lizard, Frederick Foswell's stint as the Big Man, John Jameson becoming the Man-Wolf, Michael Morbius being cursed as a living vampire, and Harry Osborn's descent into madness which turned him into the second Green Goblin, and all the villains he's fought over the years. He also reflects on his allies: the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, the Prowler, and even the Punisher. He then turns his thoughts to his new love Mary Jane, and his friends.

Spider-Man's recollection ends as he watches his Aunt May place some flowers on Ben's grave and departs. Spider-Man then goes to pay his respects, leaving the microscope Ben gave him years ago at the grave. After departing, a worker at the cemetery happens upon the microscope and decides to take it home to his son to use.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man states that he hasn't been to visit Uncle Ben's grave in "years". Per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, it has been roughly five years between the death of Uncle Ben and this story.
  • The dates on Uncle Ben's tombstone are worn out but states that he lived from 1906-1962. These dates should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale. Based on the math, Uncle Ben died at age 55.

Publication Notes

  • Goodwin and Wein are credited as consultants.

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