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  • Rocket Board

Synopsis for "The Rocket Racer's Back in Town!"

The Rocket Racer is back in action, and Spider-Man happens to catch him stealing plans from a building. Although he puts the Rocket Racer on a chase, he ultimately loses the novice crook in the subway system.

The Racer turns over the stolen papers -- which could indict his employer Jackson Weele of embezzlement. When the key document is missing, the Rocket Racer reveals that he has hidden it and intends to use it to blackmail Weele into doing his bidding.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker makes time to go visit his Aunt May in the hospital and finds Mary Jane there, who scolds him for not being around for her again. He later takes Mary Jane out on a date, briefly pausing when his spider-sense goes off in the hospital waiting room (unaware that the Rocket Racer, in his civilian guise is there.)

Later, Jackson Weele decides to commit suicide and is about to walk off a pier when he's stopped by the Racer who once more demands money. When the Racer leaves, Weele decides that he's going to put his money to use to crush the Rocket Racer. The Racer's night time activities attract the police and Spider-Man who both try to stop him. However, they fail to do so and the Rocket Racer manages to escape once more.

Showing up at Mary Jane's for a visit, when she answers the door Peter pulls out a cracker jack box. When she looks inside, she finds an engagement ring, and Peter proposes to her, MJ is shocked by this.


Continuity Notes

  • Although Peter proposes to Mary Jane at the end of this issue, she does not give him an answer until Amazing Spider-Man #183.

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