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Synopsis for "White Dragon! Red Death!"

Peter Parker has returned home from his apartment to find that Betty Brant is waiting there for him. Betty explains that she left Ned Leeds because she wasn't happy living with him in Paris, now that she's back in America, Peter was one of the first people she wanted to see. The two decide to play catch up, and Peter is not certain if he wants to get involved with Betty Brant again.

Meanwhile, at a lab uptown, J. Jonah Jameson and Marla Madison go to visit his son John who has been put in cryogenic suspension. Peter and Betty go to ESU where Peter is preparing for his graduation ceremony. There he tries to introduce himself to Phillip Chang, who he will be working with next semester. Chang snaps and almost attacks Peter before storming off, muttering about Peter not being one of the Dragons.

That night Peter is web-slinging through Chinatown where he stops the Dragon Lords gang from robbing a store, however, he finds the owner too fearful to report the incident to the police. Taking Betty out for Chinese later, he finds that Phillip works at the Lotus Restaurant. There Peter gets Phillip to confide in him. Phillip explains that he's been in trouble in the past in Hong Kong when suddenly the costumed criminal known as the White Dragon enters the restaurant and kidnaps Phillip. Peter tags the White Dragon with a spider-tracer.

He later tracks down the White Dragon to the Dragon Lord's hideout, where they are pressuring Phillip to join their gang. Spider-Man attacks the White Dragon, but is easily defeated and chained up over a vat of oil. White Dragon demands Phillip join their group or Spider-Man dies. When Phillip still refuses, Spider-Man is dropped in and the White Dragon ignites the oil.


Continuity Notes

  • Another topical reference should be the complaints J. Jonah Jameson has about having to butt out his Cuban Cigar. At the time this story was published, the United States had a trade embargo in place on Cuba. That embargo lasted until 2016.
  • John Jameson has been secluded in cryogenic suspension since his last transformation into the Man-Wolf in Marvel Team-Up #37.

Publication Notes

  • Letters (story pages): Novak (uncredited) page 1, Costanza pages 2-17.

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