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Synopsis for "Spider, Spider, Burning Bright!"

Captured by the White Dragon and his Dragon Lords, Spider-Man is dropped into a vat of oil that the villain has set afire. With the Spider-Man seemingly dead, the White Dragon tells Phillip Chang that his reluctance to join his gang has resulted in the wall-crawler's death. However, Spider-Man isn't dead yet as only the top layer of oil is ablaze. With the temperature rising and the flames slowly spreading down, Spider-Man breaks free from the chains that bind him. Then, using his web-shooters, Spider-Man wraps himself in webbing and leaps out of the flaming vat, out a nearby window. Using his spider-sense, the web-slinger swings out to the East River to douse the flames. Fearing that Spider-Man might return, the White Dragon orders his gang to flee. Spider-Man returns shortly thereafter and finds Phil alone.

After freeing the young man, Spider-Man asks why the White Dragon and his men are seeking him out. Chang explains that he used to be a part of a gang in Hong Kong. One day, one of his enemies lobbed a grenade into Chang's home. Although Phil survived, his parents were killed in the blast. Seeking to renounce his violent past, Phil vowed to his grandparents. He then immigrated to the United States to start a new life working in his uncle's restaurant and going back to school. When the White Dragon learned of his presence, the costumed gangster threatened to tell Phil's enemies where to find him if he did not join the Dragon Lords.

Meanwhile, the White Dragon has gathered his minions in a secret room within the Brooklyn Bridge. He tries to raise their spirits by recalling the fact that he united all the gangs in Chinatown. However, when one of the gang members questions the White Dragon's leadership, he challenges the dissident. After a short fight, the White Dragon uses his talons to slash open the gangster's stomach, killing him. It's then that one of the White Dragon's subordinates notices that a Spider-Tracer has been planted on their leader. The White Dragon decides to let Spider-Man know that he is onto him by crushing the device, causing the signal to die out just as Spider-Man has started tracking it. Undaunted, Spider-Man decides to swing across Chinatown waiting for his Spider-Sense to warn him of danger.

Soon enough, Spider-Man locates the Dragon Lords and uses his webbings to separate members of the gang from their leader. Spider-Man then goes up against the White Dragon and is easily able to dodge his attacks thanks to his enhanced speed and agility. When the villain tries to immolate Spider-Man with the flamethrower built into his dragon's mask. When this fails, he attempts to use his gas. Although this stuns Spider-Man momentarily, the wall-crawler manages to knock the White Dragon into one of his web snares, trapping his foe. Spider-Man then leaves the White Dragon and his men for the authorities.

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Synopsis for "The Graduation of Peter Parker"

At Newhope Memorial Hospital, May Parker awakens to find Joe Robertson standing over her. He has come with a television and has something important to show her.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man has arrived at Empire State University and quickly changes back into his civilian guise so he can participate in his graduation ceremony. He is joined by Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn who have come to congratulate him. He is also joined by Betty Brant, who wants to apologize for dragging Peter out to the Chinese restaurant the night before.

Eventually, Peter is waiting in line for his cap and gown and is a little bothered to discover that his name is not on the list. Still, he is soon given a spare set that is on supply and continues on with the other graduates. He also finds that his name is not on the seating arrangement list either, but also chalks this up to a mistake of some kind. Looking at the program, he discovers that his name isn't even on the list. Still, he manages to find a seat that is unoccupied and waits for the ceremony to begin.

Back at the hospital, Joe has May turn on the television and she is delighted to see that he has arranged a live feed of the graduation ceremony for her. May is so happy she considers this the happiest moment of her life. The graduation ceremony begins with a long speech given by J. Jonah Jameson, much to the chagrin of the grads. As the names are being called up, Peter can't help but think about all the friends he made and lost during his time in college. However, he is snapped out of his thoughts when he realizes that his name is not called.

After the ceremony is over, Peter asks the Dean why he wasn't called up. He learns that he was missing a gym credit and therefore couldn't graduate, but is told he can make up the credit in the summer. Peter can't believe it and laments that his career as Spider-Man has once more interfered with his life. Still, he considers that this isn't the worst that could have happened and looks forward to making up the missing credit so he can start the next phase of his life.


Continuity Notes

The Graduation of Peter Parker:

  • Peter thinks about the friend he lost. This is a reference to his late girlfriend Gwen Stacy, who died in Amazing Spider-Man #121.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • In Spider, Spider, Burning Bright! letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Kawecki pages 2-12.

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