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Human Torch
Hey, y'know something? I hate to say it, but we make a pretty good team!
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Bite your tongue, Hothead!
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Appearing in "Spidey Strikes Back!"

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Synopsis for "Spidey Strikes Back!"

The Daily Bugle continues its editorials on Spider-Man being washed up, but Spider-Man comes out of nowhere and rounds up bank robbers. As J Jonah Jameson learns the news, he takes his frustration outside, where Sandman and the Enforcers capture the Human Torch. As Peter Parker walks home from another day at school, he sees Fancy Dan. Suspecting something sinister might be afoot, Spider-Man follows him and fights them at their hideout, but as the police show up, The Enforcers flee.

Peter turns up at the Daily Bugle and Betty Brant introduces him to a reporter, Ned Leeds. Peter approves of Ned, much to her surprise. Meanwhile, at another hideout, Human Torch has been trapped in a glass jar with just enough air to breathe, but not enough to flame on and escape.

Spider-Man learns from Louie the stool pigeon that Sandman plans to use Human Torch as bait to lure Spider-Man into his trap. As Spider-Man descends, he sees The Human Torch and plays ball with Sandman and the Enforcers, and finally rolls into the glass jar, setting Human Torch free.

The Enforcers are rounded up, but Human Torch and Spider-Man get tangled in Spidey's webbing. Sandman runs away, but gets caught shortly after by two policemen.

Later, a mysterious figure follows Peter home from school and reports on the surveillance to a second mysterious figure in a green robe.


Continuity Notes

  • The Human Torch mentions the previous battle he was in. That happened in Strange Tales #127 when he and the Thing battled the "Mystery Villain".
  • Liz Allan reminds Flash that he was mad at her for telling Peter that he was going out dressed like Spider-Man. That happened during Amazing Spider-Man #18.
  • The mysterious figure watching Peter Parker is MacDonald Gargan, and the mysterious figure receiving the reports is J. Jonah Jameson.[1]

Publication Notes

  • Credits:
    • Written by: Spidey's godfather, Stan Lee
    • Illustrated by: Spidey's big daddy, Steve Ditko
    • Lettered by: S. Rosen (Spidey's second cousin on his uncle's side!)
  • References: Strange Tales #127 and Amazing Spider-Man #18

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