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Synopsis for "The Wings of the Fearsome Fly!"

Across the street from the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man gazes at the office of J. Jonah Jameson. He recalls how he was briefly knocked out by the Fly when he and Jameson were shackled together and wonders if his constant nemesis managed to unmask him. Peeking into the window where he sees Jameson in a meeting with city editor Joe Robertson. The pair are arguing over Spider-Man, however, it is not about his true identity but over how Jameson wants to publish a story accusing the wall-crawler of killing his son. Joe refuses to publish such a story due to the fact that it is not true. Furious, Jameson tells Joe to quit and go work for the Daily Globe if he can't maintain his loyalty. They are interrupted by Glory Grant who tells Jonah that Peter Parker has come to see him. It's then that Peter learns that Jameson fired him for failing on his last assignment: taking photos of an Egyptian delegation that was robbed by the Fly. After Jameson angrily slams his office door, Peter tries to get Joe to talk Jameson into hiring him back. However, Robertson is equally upset with Peter because he put his own job on the line giving Peter one last assignment. Glory's attempt to encourage Peter that this will blow over is rebuffed. While back in Jameson's office, Jonah tells Joe that they need to talk about something.

Deciding to look into why the Fly attacked the delegation just to steal a ticket to an Egyptian exhibit at the Metropolitan Musem of Art, Peter changes into Spider-Man to investigate. However, the falling snow will make this investigation difficult for the wall-crawler who is already freezing. As he swings past the city, he is unaware that the Fly is hidden among the crowd, believing nobody would expect him to legitimately enter the exhibit in order to rob it. Meanwhile, at the home owned by Aunt May, it's current tenant -- the Burglar who shot Uncle Ben years earlier -- has turned the place upside down trying to find something of great value in the home. He finds no trace of what he is looking for, but he is still determined to find it one way or another.

Back at the museum, Spider-Man decides to sneak inside to try and stop the Fly before he can rob the place. Unfortunately for the wall-crawler, he is spotted by a security guard who begins shooting at him. While the guards are distracted, the Fly doffs his disguise and begins looting the Art of Dresand, using the Egyptian exhibit as a cover. A planted smoke bomb goes off covering the Fly's escape. With his Spider-Sense going wild, Spider-Man leaps out the window and up into the sky to stop the Fly. Spider-Man's attempts to stop the robbery is interrupted by the overzealous guards and the Fly manages to escape. Furious at this interference, Spider-Man swings away, angrily proclaiming that he is sick of being everyone's fall guy.

Returning to his apartment, Peter realizes that he unintentionally stood up Mary Jane the day before. When he tries to call her to explain, Watson isn't interested in hearing excuses and hangs up on him. Just then, Betty Brant comes waltzing into Peter's apartment to see how he is. She is worried because he didn't pick up his diploma and explains how she had gotten his friends together to congratulate him. Suddenly, Ned Leeds comes barging in and punches Peter, then warns Parker to stay away from his wife, before dragging him out. This angers Peter even more, and after slamming his apartment door he changes into Spider-Man and goes out web-slinging to take his anger out on the Human Fly. Across the city, Spider-Man terrorizes criminals trying to get a line on where his foe is hiding out. Although nobody knows where the Fly is, Spider-Man's hunt does not go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Barny Buskin -- the editor at the Daily Globe -- attempts to contact Peter Parker to hire him on as a photographer, however, nobody answers. At that moment, Spider-Man finds the Human Fly just as he is captured by the police much to his frustration. While at the Restwell Nursing Home, May Parker is being shown around by Doctor Reinhart, the home's administrator. After showing her around, Reinhart returns to his office. There he finds the Burglar waiting in his office. The thug introduces himself as the man who killed May Parker's husband, and tells the doctor that he will help him murder her as well.


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  • The first assignment that Barney Bushkin seeks Peter Parker for is revealed in Fantastic Four #207, where Peter investigates a new private university that is secretly operated by the Enclave.

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