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Quote1.png It goes on. We have our ups and downs, and sometimes the downs seem to stifle and crowd us until we beg for any relief...but you'll go on...and I'll go on...and though we don't know what's out there, we'll still plunge ahead because we've got to...because we aren't the types to shut ourselves off from the world. Peter, we're survivors...and we're cockeyed optimists, and...Hey! I'm beginning to preach like the Reverend Ike. I've talked myself dry. Quote2.png
Joe Robertson

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Synopsis for "Requiem!"

Peter Parker has received a telegram from the Restwell Retirement home informing him that his Aunt May had passed away. Racing there as Spider-Man and changing back into Peter, Parker confronts the administrator, Dr. Reinhardt, thinking it is all a mistake. Peter's heart sinks when he finds out there was no mistake at all when Reinhardt shows Peter a casket with a seemingly dead Aunt May inside. Leaving and walking the streets of New York, Peter thinks back to all the tragedy that has struck his loved ones, and how many have died since he became Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, at the Daily Bugle, the increasingly irrational J. Jonah Jameson listens to a story about how Spider-Man ignored a mugger and intends to print it. Fed up with Jonah's constant biased journalism about Spider-Man, he quits his job at the Bugle and walks out on a shocked Jonah. In Westchester, the secret new employer of Boris Korpse and Bruno Grainger demands that the two use their skills to bring Spider-Man to him.

The next day at Empire State University, Peter is confronted by Flash, Sha-Shan and Harry Osborn about his current attitudes. Peter tells them that his Aunt May just died and then goes to tell Debra Whitman to excuse him from classes. After a brief visit with Anna Watson of Aunt May's body, Peter finds it suspicious that Dr. Reinhardt sets off his Spider-Sense.

Later, Peter goes to the docks to reflect on things and is approached by Joe Robertson, who had stumbled into Peter since he often visited the docks to think. Joe tells Peter about his own personal grief and how his firstborn son had died as a young boy, and how he learned to move on with his life by remembering the good times. Peter takes this advice to heart and decides to go check out his old home in Forest Hills where he grew up under the care of Aunt May and Uncle Ben. To his horror, he finds that the entire home had been trashed from the inside like someone was looking for something. Furious, Spider-Man finally puts together where he heard the name Reindhardt before and realizes that the man is one of his old foes.

Changing into Spider-Man, Peter tries to make it to the Restwell Funeral home, however, he is captured and subdued by Kropse and Boris and taken to their employer: The Kingpin.


Continuity Notes

  • Peter Parker is led to believe that Aunt May has died. This is all a ruse perpetrated by Mysterio. The whole ruse to find out what the Burglar is seeking from her, as revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #200.
  • Peter laments over the other people who have died or appeared to die, that Spider-Man could not save. These people are:
  • Jameson's increasingly irrational behavior is a combination of grief caused by the disappearance of his son John in Amazing Spider-Man #190, something he blames Spider-Man for. However, his mental state is also being affected by a device created by Jonas Harrow, as revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #206.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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