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Synopsis for "Now You See Me! Now You Die!"

Spider-Man has uncovered Mysterio's operation running out of the same nursing home where his Aunt May had supposedly died. After a battle against his old foe, Spider-Man is left to drown in a massive in-ground pool. Leaving Spider-Man to his fate, Mysterio then ventures to the basement of the Restwell facility where he has a man tied up. This man is the same Burglar who shot Uncle Ben years earlier and sought to learn of some secret treasure that was hidden in the old Parker house from Aunt May. Mysterio informs the Burglar that he no longer needs him to learn the secret and leaves him tied up in the basement. The Burglar swears that when he gets free, he will find the illusionist and kill him. Looking around the room, he spots a mirror close enough to kick and begins dragging a broken piece close enough so he can cut loose his bonds.

Meanwhile, the pool appears to be filled with water, but Spider-Man has bought himself some time by spinning an air bubble around his head. However, no matter how hard he strains to break free, he cannot bust the chains that keep him locked down. Soon, the web sack bursts and Spider-Man is about to give up all hope of escape when he spies a drain plug not far from him. Using his web shooter and all of his strength, he manages to pull the plug, draining the pool and saving himself from drowning. After resting for a moment, the wall-crawler realizes that he is completely dry and realizes that he fell for another one of Mysterio's illusions. With the illusion shattered, Spider-Man breaks free from his bonds and rushes away to get some rest. After sleeping for a full day, Peter wakes up in his apartment feeling refreshed. The sleep was all he needed for his enhanced healing to fix his broken arm and so he breaks the cast on his right arm.

Preparing himself a meal, Peter is suddenly intruded upon by his friends Flash Thompson, Sha Shan, Harry Osborn and Liz Allan. Realizing that he is still wearing part of his costume and the rest out in the open, Peter has to be incredibly sneaky to hide them from plain view. They have come to express their condolences for Peter over the loss of his Aunt, as well as find out why he snapped at Betty Brant. Peter tells them that he only did it to try and get her and her husband, Ned Leeds, to sort out their marital problems. Liz informs him that Betty has moved in with Liz until she sorts out what she wants to do with her marriage. With everyone caught up to date, Peter ushers them out, telling them that he needs time alone to process everything that has happened recently. With his friends gone, Peter changes back into Spider-Man and heads for his Aunt May's old home, the only clue he has to find out what Mysterio was trying to uncover.

Arriving in Forest Hills, Spider-Man searches the house again but finds nothing. It's then that he is attacked by Mysterio and his illusions once more. Spider-Man fights off these illusions, forcing Mysterio to flee back to the Restwell Nursing Home with Spider-Man in hot pursuit. When Spider-Man comes crashing in, he is shot with a powerful tranquilizer that Mysterio believes is strong enough to kill Spider-Man. The wall-crawler still tries to stop his foe even though his strength is ebbing. Despite his best efforts, Spider-Man eventually slumps to the floor, leading Mysterio to believe that his old foe is finally dead.


Continuity Notes

  • The Burglar tied up in the basement is the very man who shot Uncle Ben years earlier in Amazing Fantasy #15. What he is searching for in the old Parker house is revealed next issue.

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