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Synopsis for "Bewitched, Bothered and Be-Dazzled!"

Swinging through the city, Spider-Man spots the Dazzler being chased by a strange orb of light. Thinking it's his old foe Will O' The Wisp again, he goes to the mutants rescue. Dazzler, not sure who to trust, attacks Spider-Man after he pulls her to safety and makes her escape from the scene. Unable to find Dazzler, Spider-Man decides to return home for the night.

There he is visited by both Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson and completely forgot that they were going to see a movie on opening night. While Peter and his friends are watching the movie, not far away, Dazzler is once more pursued by the orb of light. It manages to catch her and utilizes her light powers in order to restore it to its original form: That of Spider-Man's one-time foe the Lightmaster, who has spent all this time trapped in the light dimension and is using the Dazzler's mutant powers as a means to return to Earth. Dazzler tries to fight back, and the two end up smashing into the theater where Peter and his friends are watching the movie.

Peter manages to slip away and change into Spider-Man and tries to save Dazzler from Lightmaster but is easily defeated by his foe. Lightmaster then captures Dazzler and takes her back to his lab at Empire State University. Spider-Man recovers and deduces where Lightmaster would go and confronts him there. There he arrives too late to stop Lightmaster from using his equipment on the light generating mutant. When some of the machines explode in the battle, Spider-Man tries to save Dazzler, to find that her body has been possessed by Lightmaster.

With her mutant powers enhanced by Lightmaster's abilities, the possessed disco singer proves to be too powerful for Spider-Man to handle. Tagging her with a spider-tracer he makes his escape, changing back to Peter Parker to evade his enemy. Resting up, Peter then goes to the Daily Globe to drop off his pictures, then visits with Aunt May before looking for the Dazzler once more in the evening. He manages to find her and she is briefly back in control of herself until Lightmaster exerts his will on her once more.

This time Spider-Man has had time to deduce a way to stop Lightmaster, knocking Dazzler out he takes her back to Lightmaster's lab where he hooks her up to the same machine that Lightmaster used on her the previous night and reverses the process, sending Lightmaster back into the light dimension and freeing Dazzler from his control.


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