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Synopsis for "By My Powers Shall I Be Vanquished!"

Having weaponized his tracer device, the Wizard has blasted both Spider-Man and the Sub-Mariner. The two heroes writhe with pain, while the Frightful Four and their newest member Llyra gloat over their victory. The Trapster and Sandman then decide to lay a few punches on the heroes for good measure. Spider-Man and the Sub-Mariner try to fight back, but they are too disorientated to put up any real resistance. Across the street, the authorities have arrived at the hotel where the battle first started. Seeing the fight on the rooftop across the way, one of the officers calls in a patrol helicopter to provide backup. When the choppers arrive, it distracts the Frightful Four long enough for Spider-Man to shoot webbing into the faces of Sandman and the Trapster. With the authorities closing in, the Frightful Four make their escape. With the battle over, the Sub-Mariner decides to take his leave. As he flies back toward the ocean, he is disturbed by a strange buzzing sensation in his head. It gets worse as soon as he dives into the ocean.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man climbs back into his hotel room and changes back into Peter Parker. When he goes to check on his new neighbor, he finds work crews repairing damage caused by the Sub-Mariner, but no sign of the mysterious and attractive woman. Still disorientated from his battle, Peter decides to seek out Debora Whitman for help. When he arrives at her apartment, he passes out in her arms, exhausted from his ordeals. Debora brings him inside and tends to his injuries, telling Peter that he can stay as long as he likes. When Peter wakes up hours later, he finds that Debora has made him breakfast and wants to make plans to see a Broadway show. However, still worried about his new neighbor, Peter rushes out on her saying he will call Debra in a few days. Peter rushes to a nearby pay phone to try and call the hotel and find out if this woman is okay when he realizes that he doesn't even know her name. He quickly calls a cab to bring him back to the hotel. Fearing she might be in trouble, Peter goes to his own room to change into Spider-Man and check on her. What Peter is unaware of, is that this woman was actually Llyra in disguise, and she and the Frightful Four are now waiting in the hotel room organizing their next move.

At that moment, in Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner finally returns home and has Vashti examine him to learn the cause of the buzzing in his head. Vashti discovers an irregularity in the scans of Namor's brain but isn't sure what the problem is. Before he can, mention of Llyra's name reminds the undersea monarch of how she was responsible for the death of his beloved Lady Dorma. Put into a fresh rage, the Sub-Mariner swims off to hunt down his foe once more. Meanwhile, Spider-Man checks in on the mystery woman and falls for a trap set by the Frightful Four, and is knocked out from behind by the Sandman. When Spider-Man comes to he finds himself bound up by his foes. Having had a chance to examine the wall-crawler, the Wizard figures that his tracer weapon transferred Spider-Man's spider-sense to the Sub-Mariner. Deciding to dispose of Spider-Man, the Wizard attaches an anti-gravity disc to the hero and sends him floating up into the sky. At that very moment, the Sub-Mariner is flying toward the hotel, and his newly acquired spider-sense detects the danger that Spider-Man is in and saves him.

The pair comes crashing back to the hotel where a new fight breaks out with the Frightful Four. They easily defeat the Wizard, the Trapster, and Sandman, but Llyra manages to escape in the confusion. With the danger over, Spider-Man suggests that they seek out Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four to find a way to transfer Spider-Man's spider-sense back to the hero. Travelling to the Baxter Building, Mister Fantastic examines them and finds a mean of reversing the power swap. Still unaware that the mystery woman at the hotel is really Llyra, Spider-Man goes to visit her again. This time, his spider-sense goes wild, warning him of danger. He narrowly stops the woman from stabbing him with a kitchen knife. It's then that Llyra reveals her ruse, but before she can deal with the wall-crawler, the Sub-Mariner enters the room. Namor quickly knocks out Llyra and takes her back to Atlantis to answer for her crimes. In the aftermath of the battle, Llyra's influence begins to wear off and Spider-Man feels awful for standing up Debora Whitman once again and swings off hoping that when he sees her next, she can forgive him.


Continuity Notes

  • Namor recounts how Llyra was responsible for the death of his bride Lady Dorma, that happened in Sub-Mariner #37. He also recalls his last battle with Llyra where she seemingly perished in Defenders #93.
  • The Thing is disgusted at Namor making "cow eyes" at Sue. The Sub-Mariner has had an unrequited romantic interest in the Invisible Girl since Fantastic Four #4.

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