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Synopsis for "Peter Parker -- Criminal!"

Due to a number of breakouts at Ryker's Island, Peter Parker decides to investigate as Spider-Man in the hopes of getting photos that will force the authorities to do something about security at the notorious prison. Rowing a boat to the island, Spider-Man leaps over a fence and slips into the bush for cover. There he changes back to Peter Parker and sneaks into the prison with camera in hand, figuring that he will only get a slap on the wrist if he is caught. No sooner is Peter inside the prison that he spots the Gray Gargoyle and Jonas Harrow making an escape. They are led by a third man, who Peter can't identify because it is too dark. He starts snaps the needed photos and then tries to prevent the costumed criminals from making their escape. Using his great strength, Peter rips a bar off one of the nearby windows and throws it at the Gray Gargoyle. Unfortunately, the villain sees the projectile just in time to catch it, turning it to stone with his powers, and crushes it to dust. Realizing they have been spotted, the trio makes a run for it.

The commotion alerts two guards who happen upon Peter Parker. They don't believe his story about the escaping prisoners. They confiscate his camera and lock him in a cell. One of the officers takes the camera to Warden Alexander Rue, who secretly considers destroying it and the evidence it contains as it could ruin his career. However, he has other matters to attend to and leaves the camera alone in his office. Not long after, the janitor enters to clean the office. Spotting the camera, the man decides to steal it so he can pawn it for some much-needed money to pay off some local loan sharks.

The following morning Peter Parker is in court to determine his fate after breaking into the prison. Despite the best efforts of his lawyer, Matt Murdock, Peter loses the trial because the prosecution has a witness -- a prisoner Armand DuBroth -- claims that Peter was responsible for the rash of break-outs at Rykers Island. This leads the judge to order that Peter be held until trial and a bail is posted at fifty-thousand dollars. When Peter calls J. Jonah Jameson for the bail money, Jameson is furious that Peter pulled this stunt without authorization and refuses to put up the money. Locked in a cell, Peter thinks over his situation and realizes that Armande was the man who was leading the Gargoyle and Harrow out of the prison and that he can prove it. He calls for his lawyer and asks Matt Murdock to find his camera, as it was confiscated. Murdock tries, but nobody can find a trace of the camera, and so Murdock has to tell Peter the bad news. Peter realizes that he has to find his own way out, even if it means compromising his double-identity.

Meanwhile, the janitor from the prison has sold Peter's camera at a local pawn shop in order to pay off his gambling debts. At that moment, Peter is surprised to discover that someone posted his bail and he is free to go. He soon learns that his Aunt May was responsible, having scraped together the money among her friends in the retirement home to get him out. Peter is grateful although he feels guilty that it was his Aunt who bailed him out. Free to clear his name, Peter worries how he will be able to track down his missing camera. Ironically, he walks right past the very pawn shop it was sold. Inside, the owner allows his son to use it take photos at a scout retreat. When Peter returns to his apartment, he runs into his neighbor Joseph Pinkus who tells him that he is performing a gig in Brooklyn. Back up in his apartment, Peter is forced to wear his bleached costume and an old pair of web-shooters in order to go out and clear his name.

Back at Ryker's, DuBroth, the Grey Gargoyle, and Jonas Harrow are questioning the janitor to find out what he has done with Parker's camera. When they learn what happened to it, Armande goes to deal with the problem. At that moment, Spider-Man has recovered his costume from the bushes at Rykers and quickly changes. With no other choice, he tosses his bleached costume and older web-shooters into the water. He then spots Grey Gargoyle and Jonas Harrow making their escape and follows after them. He catches them at the pawnshop. Although he easily defeats the two villains, Harrow manages to smash the camera. By this point, the police have arrived on the scene, drawing a crowd. When Spider-Man laments over the lost film having ruined, that's when the owner of the pawn shop arrives and informs Spider-Man that the film was removed from the camera so he could develop the photos his son had taken. Spider-Man takes the film, grateful for the man who has provided the evidence he needs to clear Peter Parker's name.


Continuity Notes

  • Murdock recounts his recent battle with the Ladykiller in Daredevil #173 (incorrectly cited in the editor's note as Daredevil Vol 1 73).


Interestingly, this was published the same month as Captain America #260 which also took place at Ryker's Island. (Must be the only prison with a revolving door...)

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