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Quote1.png I need a place to change! A phone booth--? Nah! Even I'm not that corny! Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Blues for Lonesome Pinky!"

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Synopsis for "Blues for Lonesome Pinky!"

Running late for school, Peter Parker decided to swing in as Spider-Man to stretch his legs and get to a meeting with Dean Ulrich faster. He got there a little too fast, and overheard an argument with Dr. Kissick that made the Doctor storm off in a huff afterward.

Peter's meeting with the Dean wasn't much better, it had become apparent that Peter's work as a teaching assistant had been less than stellar, and he promised to work harder in the future.

In Dr. Kissick's lab, he runs into Ramrod, who forces him to create a potent concoction.

As Peter was leaving campus, he ran into the cyborg, and they had a small tussle which ended with Spidey having to save a group of students from flying debris while Ramrod escaped.

Peter headed back to his apartment, where he ran into Mister Pincus, who invited him to a singing performance.

Ramrod headed back to Kissick's lab to pick up the potion he ordered and pay the Dr. Kissick explained that the potion will drive a man into a frenzy in minutes and to death within an hour. Ramrod was happy to be able to give this chemical to Mickey, a bar-owner in Brooklyn, and anyone else who got in his way.

Parker arrives at Mickey's Bar (coincidentally), to find Bif Rifkin and Debbie Whitman already there. The Bartender announced that someone has bought the bar a round of free beers, which flooded the bar. Peter was about to drink his freebie when his spider-sense warned him about something in the drink, stopping him.

It was then that "Lonesome Pinky" came on the stage, and after a few licks, started to get booed off. It was then that the entire bar started to go crazy, prompting Pete to find a place to change, a phone booth...

As Spidey tried to keep them from tearing the place apart, and the barkeep pleaded with Lonesome Pinky (the only other person not affected) to do anything to try to stop them as well.

The music Pinky played stopped everyone dead in their tracks, and Peter took this time to run out and get Doc Kissick to make an antidote (coincidentally the only person he felt could do so). Arriving at Kissick's apartment, he found the Doc had already created an antidote but feared for his life if he used it.

Spidey rushed to the school, and then back to Mickey's, and just as he's about to enter with five minutes before the group died, Ramrod corners him outside the bar. Apparently, Ramrod was upset that Mickey wouldn't hire him as a country singer and decided poisoning all of Mickey's customers was the only revenge suitable.

Spidey took the resulting fight to the nearby junkyard, where he used the electro-magnet there to suspend Ramrod in the air.

Rushing back to the bar, he doled out free beer with the antidote which turned the people back into themselves.


Continuity Notes

  • Ramrod recounts his last encounter with Spider-Man, that happened in Daredevil #103.


  • There were two homages to other comics in this book, Peter Parker changing into Spider-Man in a phone booth was the first, a reference to Superman and a citizen saying, "Who was that masked man?" was the secondm being a reference to the Lone Ranger.

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