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Red Ghost

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Synopsis for "Night of the Ape!"

Spider-Man visits his lab in the Empire State University to improve his web and sees Roger Hochberg entering the library's annex to read some old books with very restricted access. But the Red Ghost and his super apes materialize in the library too and meet Roger surprisingly for both of them.

The Red Ghost gives his apes the order to catch Roger and one of the apes accidentally causes a fire in the library. The fire gets Spider-Man's attention and he fights the super-apes while he tries to save Roger's life. The Red Ghost and his apes escape as Spidey rescues Roger.

The day after Peter Parker talks with a journalist of the Daily Bugle, Mr. Pauncholito, about the apes and he tells Peter about the Red Ghost, an older enemy of the Fantastic Four. Thinking that Roger is too lonely and he might be his only friend, Peter catches Roger and invites him to a party that night.

The party is in the Boylan Hall and Roger and Peter meet Mia Carrera there among other people. They give Roger a drink with vinegar and laugh at him, what makes Roger run away and Peter screams at them all. He runs after Roger and meets him at the library again and with the Red Ghost. They fight until the Ghost and his apes escape and people (including Mia) celebrates Roger as a partner of Spider-Man in the fight.

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