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Synopsis for "Let Fly These Aged Wings!"

Adrian Toomes is in the Bellevue hospital to rehabilitate after the injuries he had suffered during his last battle with Spider-man. He meets Nathan Lubensky in the hospital and take advantage of technical materials that are over there to improve rehabilitation machines of the hospital. With those spare parts Toomes builds a temporary wings and escapes the hospital.


From then on The Vulture returns and initiates a robbery campaign that lasts for weeks. The Vulture uses the Restwell Nursing home as a base camp and hides there the materials of his operations. He also befriends with Nathan Lubensky and participates in this one's poker parties. Peter Parker pays a visit to his aunt May in Restwell and meets there Toomes. He recognizes him and Toomes realizes so menaces Parker with a gun and forces him to a room where he retains him. But then May comes to ask Toomes about her nephew and in the meantime Parker turns to Spider-Man and attacks the Vulture. In the battle the Vulture catches Nathan Lubensky and uses him to escape although makes no harm to his friend.


  • Initial cover sketch by Hannigan.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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