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Two FBI agents are on the hunt for the Foolkiller, a murderous vigilante who has been killing people he deems to be fools. The stakes are higher for these two agents since they recently received a letter from their target that proclaimed them fools. As they search a Bowery alleyway, the two FBI agents are caught by surprise by the Foolkiller who uses his laser to incinerate the two lawmen. With his latest victims dead, the Foolkiller then destroys the files they compiled about him to ensure that nobody can resume hunting him where they left off.

Later, Peter Parker is giving a lecture to a group of freshmen and is frustrated that they don't know the answers to his questions. When the lecture ends, Peter is greeted by Greg Salinger, an English literature major who Peter had befriended and imparted an interest in science. Greg tells Peter that he was late for class again because the admissions office still can't find his scholarship paperwork. When Peter says that this has been quite a problem with students in recent days, Greg hopes they straighten things out before someone takes matters into their own hands. When Peter heads out, he finds himself exhausted due to his recent activities as Spider-Man. Despite his fatigue, Peter's spider-sense goes off alerting him to a costumed individual climbing up the side of the registrations office. Peter decides to change into Spider-Man to investigate the situation. Inside the building, Harvey McNamara is slogging through the backlog of paperwork when he is interrupted by the arrival of the Foolkiller. Before he can kill McNamara, Spider-Man leaps in to stop him. Outmatched, the Foolkiller leaps out of the nearby window and escapes, vowing to kill Spider-Man if he interferes with his crusade again.

Spider-Man gives the Foolkiller chase, but the villain escapes by blasting a hole in the street to the subway below and escapes on a passing subway train. When the wall-crawler finally catches up, the Foolkiller is already long gone. Returning to his hideout within a semi-trailer, the Foolkiller rests after his flight. He then goes over his computer files, reviewing his career. He recalls how Man-Thing saved Richard Rory from Ross Everbest, the original Foolkiller and how this led to his taking on the mantle. He recalls how he learned of the Foolkiller while he and Richard Rory shared a cell in prison. Upon his escape, he recovered the original Foolkiller's equipment to wage his own crusade against the foolish. This led to a clash with Omega the Unknown, and the Defenders, both encounters leading to a defeat. In his last battle, he was taken away in an ambulance, but a road accident allowed him to escape and resume his crusade anew. Now, the Foolkiller realizes that he just needs to wait for the fools to interfere with his life and he can dispatch them more easily.

The next day, Peter Parker pays a visit to the offices of the Daily Bugle. There he sells photos of his battle with the Foolkiller to Joe Robertson, as Jameson is busy dealing with the truckers union. Robertson is disappointed that Peter is selling photos of Spider-Man's failure, telling him that he is above to stooping to the same level as Jameson and his competition, Lance Bannon. After learning more about the Foolkiller from Joe, Peter leaves as Jameson arrives and reams him out for making a "social" visit with one of his employees. Peter changes back into Spider-Man and goes searching for the Foolkiller. With no sign of his foe, the wall-crawler goes to Empire State University and changes back into Peter Parker for classes. As he changes in a closet, his spider-sense goes off. Peaking outside, he spots Greg Sallinger and wonders how he could be setting off his senses. He talks to Greg and learns that he sent more letters to the admissions office. Peter remarks that the people in the mailroom are "fools", who Greg takes literally and abruptly storms off.

Peter goes to the teaching assistance office where he finds Debra Whitman in an angry mood. When he asks her what's wrong, she tells him how she had a heated argument with Greg Salinger, that ended with him calling her a fool and storming off. Suddenly, Peter puts two-and-two together and realizes that Salinger is actually the Foolkiller. By this time, Greg has changed into the Foolkiller and is terrorizing the men in the ESU mailroom. He is attacked by Spider-Man before he is able to kill anyone. Outmatched, the Foolkiller attempts to flee again, but this time Spider-Man is able to follow him back to his trailer. There, the wall-crawler rips the place apart, but the Foolkiller eludes him again. He flees into an alleyway, where he is distracted by the screams of a homeless woman. As he threatens her, the Foolkiller is left open to Spider-Man getting the drop on him. Taking away the killer's laser and webbing him up, the web-slinger takes the Foolkiller where he can get the mental help he needs.


Continuity Notes

  • The Foolkiller recounts the short-lived career of his predecessor, who was killed battling the Man-Thing in Man-Thing #4.
  • Greg recounts how he learned about the original Foolkiller from Richard Rory while the two men were in prison. This led to his adopting the identity and killing Blockbuster during his battle with Omega. That happened in Omega the Unknown #9. Richard Rory was arrested for "kidnapping" Carol Selby, as seen in Man-Thing #20.
  • The Foolkiller's battle with the Defenders happened in Defenders #75.

Chronology Notes

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