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  • Black Tom's Yacht

Synopsis for "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut!"

Madame Web sees visions that she will be attacked by a large figure, which just happens to be the Juggernaut. She contacts Spider-Man and asks him to defend her against the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Black Tom Cassidy wants Madame Web to join him and Juggernaut in order to be able to predict the X-Men's movements, giving them the ability to defeat them in future battles. In the mood for real action, Juggernaut leaves Cassidy's yacht and crosses under the harbor waters until he reaches Battery Park. He gets the surface there and makes his way straight to Madame Web's appartment.

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In the meantime Madame Web once again calls Peter Parker in his appartment and asks him for help. However, since she does not know any details, he heads for work at the Daily Bugle. There, he talks with Glory Grant, and together they meet a returning Betty Brant. Then Madame Web phones him once more and warns Peter about Juggernaut arriving to Battery Park.

Peter runs to there and tries to stop Juggernaut, but he is unsuccessful. Right afterwards, he tries to reach the Avengers or the Fantastic Four but both teams are not at home. Madame Web tells him Juggernaut's power is related to the Cyttorak Ruby, so Spìdey goes to Dr. Strange's mansion. Unfortunatelt, Wong tells him his master is also out.

So Spider-Man is left with only the police to try and stop the Juggernaut. All of them fail as Juggernaut arrives at Madame Web's apartment and takes her out of her chair. This makes her nearly die, and Spidey tells this to Juggernaut. Cain decides to leave Madame Web on the floor and quits.

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Spider-Man revives Madame Web, and an ambulance brings her to the hospital. Having decided to not allow Juggernaut to escape after having almost killed Madame Web, he sets off to catch him.


Continuity Notes

  • Glory Grant figures that Peter must be having problems with a woman. She's partially correct. Peter is still reeling from the apparent demise of the Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #227.
  • Madam Webb attempts to contact the Fantastic Four and the Avengers to help with the Juggernaut. However, both teams are currently absent. At the time of this story the Avengers are in space fighting their former teammate Moondragon, as seen in Avengers #219, while the Fantastic Four are in Wakanda battling Gaius Tiberius in Fantastic Four #241.
  • Wong states that Doctor Strange is away. At the time of this story he and the Defenders were on Earth-712 battling the Squadron Supreme and Null the Living Darkness as depicted in Defenders #112116. Wong also points out that Spider-Man should seek the aid of the X-Men have had prior dealings with the Juggernaut. Wong would know this since X-Men #3233 when Strange assisted the mutants against the Juggernaut.
  • Speaking of the X-Men, Madam Web states that they are also beyond her reach. At the time of this story, the X-Men were in the Shi'ar galaxy, as seen in Uncanny X-Men #156157.


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