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  • Black Tom's Yacht
  • Gasoline Truck

Synopsis for "To Fight the Unbeatable Foe!"

While attempting to stop the Juggernaut from kidnapping Madam Web, Spider-Man failed to stop the elderly clairvoyant needing hospitalization following the encounter. Because of this failure, the wall-crawler vows to stop the Juggernaut before he can escape. Following his foe is a simple enough task given the Juggernaut has smashed his way through everything in his way. Leaping to a nearby construction site, Spider-Man uses his webbing to sling shot a girder at the Juggernaut. However, his foe catches it and crushes it before it can strike. The Juggernaut then runs into the construction site and collapses the building that Spider-Man is standing on. The wall-crawler jumps to safety and attempts to strike the Juggernaut with a wrecking ball. Like with the other attacks, Juggernaut easily swats this away. The wrecking ball strikes another building slated for demolition, causing it to collapse. Spider-Man just barely manages to duck in some massive piping to avoid getting buried under tons of debris. When Spider-Man finally digs himself out, he is told by the construction workers that the Juggernaut shrugged off the building collapse and simply walked away.

Meanwhile, at the Daily Bugle, Joe Robertson and his co-workers listen to police reports about the Juggernaut's rampage through the city. Joe tells the other reporters to stand by for re-writes as he is taking this situation to publisher J. Jonah Jameson. Elsewhere in the office, Betty Brant settles into her new job as Joe Robertson's new secretary. She is brought coffee by Glory Grant, and the two secretaries talk about the differences between working with Robertson and Jameson. Suddenly, Lance Bannon comes bursting into the office with his girlfriend, Amy Powell, in tow. She is upset with him and threatens to leave him. Lance reminds her that they are in an open relationship and tells her she can go if she wants. Amy storms off, but vows to herself that she will get even with Lance. That's when Jonah and Joe emerge from his office, spotting Lance, Jonah tells him to get to the Hudson in order to take photos of the Juggernaut.

At that moment, from his yacht, Black Tom is keeping a look out for the Juggernaut. When he sees his partner approaching, he is upset to see that the Juggernaut has failed to capture Madam Web. Spider-Man has finally caught up with the Juggernaut, but discovers that his web-shooters are empty. Stopping atop a Roxxon fuel truck, he also finds that all the cartridges on his belt are empty as well. When the driver threatens Spider-Man with a tire iron, the wall-crawler easily disarms the man and twists the tire iron like a pretzel, scaring the man away. The wall-crawler then commandeers the fuel truck and sends it on a collision course with the Juggernaut. His unstoppable foe merely stands his ground and survives the massive explosion caused when the truck strikes him. The Juggernaut, furious that Spider-Man has been annoying him this entire time, extinguishes the flames surrounding him and goes after the wall-crawler.

Spider-Man then jumps onto the Juggernaut's back and uses his arms to cover the eye holes in his helmet. The Juggernaut furiously pounds on the web-slinger, but he still holds on tight. Enduring the pain of the Juggernaut's blows, Spider-Man tricks him into wandering out into onto the wet concrete of a new building foundation. As Spider-Man had planned, the Juggernaut begins sinking in the concrete. Leaping to safety, Spider-Man watches as his foe goes under and hopes that this will be enough to keep him at bay. Much to his surprise, Spider-Man discovers that his camera was running the entire time, and hopes he got some good shots of his battle with the Juggernaut. Peter rushes to the Daily Bugle with the developed shots, and although the photos are grainy, Joe Robertson buys them as nobody was able to get photos of the Juggernaut's battle with Spider-Man. Peter then rushes to the hospital to check on Madam Web, and discovers that the temporary removal from her life support system caused her to lose her memory and she no longer remembers who Peter Parker is. Talking to the doctors, they tell Peter that it will be months before they learn if the damage is permanent.

Meanwhile, back on the Hudson, Black Tom watches the police surround the foundation where the Juggernaut went down. He gleefully waits for his partner to burrow his way out of the concrete. After some time, the Juggernaut still hasn't freed himself, leaving Black Tom to wonder if his friend has finally been stopped for good.


Chronology Notes

Events in X-Men: Legacy #219 take place between panels 4 and 5 of page 18 of this story, when Spider-Man tries to stop the Juggernaut from escaping.


A sequel to this story begins in Amazing Spider-Man #629

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