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Quote1.png Where the @&%# is Nose Norton? Quote2.png
J. Jonah Jameson

Appearing in "Where the @¢%# Is Nose Norton?"

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Synopsis for "Where the @¢%# Is Nose Norton?"

J. Jonah Jameson demands to know where Nose Norton, a stool pigeon that the Bugle paid for information about the Brand Corporation, who has vanished following Spider-Man's battle with the Cobra. Reporter Ned Leeds points out that the Brand Corporation is paying some heavies to try and silence Norton. When Jameson insists that Spider-Man is involved somehow, Leeds threatens to quit if Jameson insists on letting his vendetta against the wall-crawler taint his story. Joe Robertson and Marla both agree with Ned that they should keep Spider-Man. Ned compromises with the publisher by telling him that if they find that Spider-Man is involved in the situation they will pursue that angle. At that moment, Spider-Man is web-slinging to the Daily Bugle building to see if he can get a photo assignment as Peter Parker. However, when he finishes changing into Peter Parker he discovers that an emergency crash bar has been placed on the door to the roof and he can't open it without setting off an alarm. However, he discovers a means in by way of going through the elevator shaft. Sliding down the elevator cables, Peter waits until his spider-sense gives him all clear to come out of the elevator.

Peter Parker arrives just as Jameson finishes his meeting, however, everyone is rushing out so quickly he isn't able to get the assignment he's looking for. Jameson gathers around the Bugle staff and tells them that he is offering the substantial bonus for anyone who can locate Nose Norton. Needing the money, Peter rushes out to see how he can find Nose Norton before everyone else. On his way out he almost runs into Amy Powell, Lance Bannon's girlfriend. Finding Peter attractive, she learns who he is and begins conspiring on how she can use Peter Parker to get back at Lance Bannon for his lack of commitment. Later, Spider-Man goes to a seedy pool hall to start his search for Nose Norton. When he confronts some thugs playing a game, they try to make a run for it, but he webs up the crooks. He takes their leader up to the roof and dangles him off the edge of the building and demands to know where Nose Norton is hiding out. However, it turns out this thug is an undercover police officer and Spider-Man's interference ruined his investigation. Embarrassed at making such a mistake, Spider-Man lets the undercover cop go and swings away.

At the very moment in Maimi, a representative from the Brand Corporation meets with the terrorist known as the Tarantula and hires him to eliminate Nose Norton. For a week the Brand Corporation scours New York City. Norton has been in hiding this whole time, but Norton gets stir crazy and goes to a bar along the docks. This leads to him getting spotted by one of the Brand Corporation's spies. They phone in Norton's location to the Tarantula. At that very moment, Ben Urich gets a call from his own informant who tells him where to find Norton. As Urich rushes to the scene, he is unaware that Spider-Man has been tailing him in the hopes that he would get a tip-off to Norton's location. Later, aboard the Staten Island Ferry, Ben Urich thinks about his success in finding Norton on his own when his thoughts are interrupted by Peter Parker. Urich grudgingly agrees to let Peter tag along with him.

When they arrive at the bar, they quickly find Norton, but before they can get him away to safety, the Tarantula comes crashing in through the window and makes off with Nose Norton. Urich runs after the terrorist, telling Peter to follow in tow. However, Peter slips away to change into Spider-Man. Meanwhile, the Tarantula is demanding that Norton turn over the papers he took from Brand. Norton doesn't understand what the Tarantula is talking about. Before the villain can harm him, Spider-Man swings onto the scene. Their battle takes them to a garbage scow, where the Tarantula reveals that his boot spikes retract out of his boots. When Spider-Man webs the Tarantula's feet to the ground, he reveals that he also has blades concealed in his gloves. Meanwhile, Ben Urich tries to get Nose Norton to come with him but the frightened crook pulls a gun and tells Urich to stay away. Suddenly someone yells at the pair to freeze.

By this point, Spider-Man knocks out the Tarantula when he hears gunshots. When Spider-Man goes to the source he spots both Nose Norton and Ben Urich on the ground. Checking on Ben, he discovers that Ben is okay, as he dived down when the shots were fired. The two learn that the shooters are private investigators hired by the Brand Corporation to get Nose Norton by any means necessary. However, despite their efforts to kill Nose Norton, the stoolie is still alive and in dire need of medical attention. Spider-Man goes back for the Tarantula but discovers that his foe has fled. He then quickly slips away to change back into Peter Parker. Noticing that his roll of film has been expended, Peter wonders if he got the entire ordeal on film. When Ben asks him where he was, Peter says he was taking photos and both are curious to learn just what is on the roll of film.


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  • This issue contains a letters page, The Spider's Web. Letters are published from SP4 John D. Long, Scott Seward, Martin F. Cripps, Paul Gretsky, and Shawn Walsh.

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