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Jason Macendale Jr. (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 254 001

Jack O'Lantern.

The NYPD are recovering the Hobgoblin's battle van from the Hudson River. Also on the scene is Spider-Man, who is taking pictures of the recovery operation for the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man recalls the battle that led to the battle van crashing into the Hudson and the apparent demise of the Hobgoblin. He also thinks about all the changes that have happened since that moment, particularly his time on Battleworld and his new costume that has strange abilities that he doesn't fully understand. Spider-Man decides to tag the battlewagon with a spider-tracer since he fears that it survived the plunge into the Hudson, perhaps the Hobgoblin survived as well. As the police load the van onto the back of a flatbed, an inconspicuous looking trucker observes the salvage and radios to his mysterious employer, telling him where the van is being taken. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is lost in thought over his own problems, particularly the continued turbulence with his girlfriend the Black Cat, and how his Aunt May is upset with him for dropping out of grad school.

Seeing a payphone becoming available, Spider-Man swings down and attempts to call his Aunt May. The phone is answered by Victor Palermo, one of his Aunt's tenants. When he tells May that it is her nephew Peter calling, May is still upset with him and doesn't want to talk. Peter is hurt when he learns that his Aunt doesn't want to talk to him, much to Peter's dismay. As he web-slings toward the Daily Bugle, Peter worries about the rift that has been created between himself and his aunt. Hitching a ride on a delivery truck, Spider-Man gets into the Bugle through the loading dock but is spotted climbing on the ceiling. The wall-crawler escapes into a stairwell and webs the door close. He then wills his costume to turn into street clothes and begins the seventeen-story hike up to the Bugle offices to sell his photos. Meanwhile, a group of men continues to track the Hobgoblin's battle van. They create a distraction that holds up the police escort so that the flatbed truck carrying the van continues on alone. The truck drivers are then distracted near a construction site, a magnet crane is used to lift the battle van off the back of the truck.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker is at the Daily Bugle where he laments over the lack of photo assignments. When a reporter comes out from Joe Robertson's office in a fluster over yet another re-write, Peter asks Betty what's the matter with Joe Robertson. Betty suspects that Joe is trying to live up to the standard of J. Jonah Jameson since his departure from the editor-in-chief position. Just then Peter gets a phone call from Nathan Lubinski, who has taken Aunt May out for lunch and asks Peter to meet with them so he can sort things out with his Aunt. No sooner is Peter off the phone, he is told that the police band radio is reporting that the Hobgoblin's battlewagon never made it to the impound yard. Peter rushes out of the office and changes into Spider-Man. He tracks his spider-tracer to the construction site where some hired thugs are examining the vehicle. Spider-Man gets the drop on them. His battle is soon interrupted when an explosion knocks him off his feet. As the smoke begins to clear, Spider-Man thinks he is up against the Hobgoblin, however, it actually turns out to be Jack O'Lanturn.

The wall-crawler demands to know what Jack's connection to the Hobgoblin is, but the villain refuses to talk. He then leads Spider-Man on a chase in order to get the hero away from the van so that his men can transport it elsewhere. Unfortunately for Jack O'Lanturn, the moment he is gone, the battle van springs to life and drives off on its own, much to the confusion of his hired men. As Spider-Man chases Jack O'Lantern across the city, Nathan Lubenski waits for Peter to show up. Aunt May eventually figures out what is going on. She admits that she might be acting foolish but she feels that she and Peter have been drifting apart lately and that she doesn't know who he is anymore. At that moment, Jack O' Lantern leads Spider-Man into the middle of a massive toy store. There, the wall-crawler is distracted with keeping the patrons safe that Jack begins gaining grown. He ultimately escapes after activating the fire sprinklers and ripping loose some electrical wires. While Spider-Man is busy preventing the wires from electrocuting the customers, Jack O' Lantern escapes, telling Spider-Man to give his regards to the Hobgoblin.

With the battle over, Spider-Man changes back into Peter Parker and rushes to the restaurant where he is supposed to meet Nathan and his Aunt May. However, they are long gone, as he is hours later. As he turns to leave, he is confronted by Nathan who came back. He scolds Peter for letting his Aunt down again and accuses him of never caring about his aunt, to begin with. Peter is struck speechless and Nathan leaves telling Peter that maybe he never know what May's nephew was really like.


Continuity Notes

  • The battle van that is pulled out of the Hudson River was junked there in Amazing Spider-Man #251. Spider-Man believes the Hobgoblin died in that crash. However, The Hobgoblin survived, as Spider-Man soon finds out in Amazing Spider-Man #259.

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