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Synopsis for "Even a Ghost Can Fear the Night!"

The cat burglar known as the Black Fox breaks into an expensive apartment in the hopes of stealing enough loot to finalize his retirement. When he grabs what appears to be an expensive vase, it suddenly transforms into Igor of the Red Ghost's Super-Apes. He fights off the ape with a flash-bang but is quickly subdued by Peotor and Miklho. Their master, the Red Ghost then rises through the floor. Unprepared for what he is witnessing, the Black Fox begins to scream.

Meanwhile, at his Chelsea apartment, Peter Parker is washing his new costume. He remarks about his recent adventure with Captain Marvel and Starfox, and how it was the second time in as many months that he has been away from the planet Earth. After he finishes washing his costume, Peter decides to fix himself something to eat. He begins preparing to make a sandwich but decides against it when he finds that his bread has gone moldy. He then resigns to call it a night, but can't help but think about his recent battle with Jack O'Lantern and the disappearance of the Hobgoblin's battlewagon. Climbing into bed, Peter falls asleep instantly. No sooner is he asleep does his costume fall from the clothesline and oozes across the floor toward him.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol1 255 003

The Red Ghost shows the Cosmicizer to the Black Fox.

At that moment, back at the fancy apartment, the Black Fox has regained his composure. The Red Ghost has just finished introducing himself and has poured the Fox a drink. He explains that he has been hiding out in this apartment until he can complete his Cosmicizer, a device that will enable him to increase his cosmic powers a thousandfold. Unfortunately, he has run out of money and is to afraid to leave the apartment lest his foes discover and recapture him. Instead, he has decided to force the Black Fox to steal the needed component instead, threatening to kill the thief if he refuses to comply.

The following morning, Peter Paker is rudely awakened by his landlady Mrs. Muggins to tell him that he is late with his rent again. During this discussion, he learns that it is 7 pm in the evening, and he had slept the entire day away. He assures her that he will be getting a big payment from the Daily Bugle soon and will get money to her as soon as possible. Since it is too late to make a visit, Peter decides to try and call his Aunt May to smooth things over. However, Nathan Lubenski answers the phone and scolds Peter for having the nerve to call. Before he can explain why he was late to dinner to try and patch things up, Nathan hangs up on him. With nothing else to do, Peter decides to go out web-slinging to try and clear his head. As he swings across the city, he notices how exhausted he is and wonders why this can be when he slept most of the day. He wonders what the Black Cat has been up to, as he hasn't seen her since their recent battle against the Blob. He also feels bad that he has been getting her to take pictures for him to sell to the Bugle, especially since he is being praised for her superior camera work. After limbering up, Spider-Man decides to continue his search for the Hobgoblin's battle van.

Some blocks away, the Black Cat begins his search for a place to rob to earn enough money for the Red Ghost to purchase the needed part for his cosmicizer. To make sure the Black Fox complies, the Red Ghost has sent his Super-Apes along with him. Spotting a jewelry store, the Fox attempts to break in, but he is pushed aside by Miklho who rips the security door off the building, setting off the alarm. As they break into the vault to get at the jewels, the police arrive on the scene. To keep them busy, he sends Peotor out to use his magnetic abilities to keep the officers at bay. With the loot stolen, the Black Fox decides to use this opportunity to make his escape. He blinds the apes with another flash bomb and makes a run for it. The commotion attracts the attention of Spider-Man who decides to investigate what is going on. The Super-Apes manage to catch up to the Black Fox, but before they can harm him they are found by Spider-Man. The hero quickly frightens the Super-Apes away, and while he is distracted the Black Fox tries to make good his escape. Spider-Man manages to catch up to him, and the Black Fox is forced to explain everything that happened. No sooner is the Black Fox's explanation done, Spider-Man takes off to find the Red Ghost, leaving the Black Fox behind. Seeing that the jewels were long forgotten, the cat burglar recovers them and rejoices that he can finally begin his retirement.

Meanwhile, the Super-Apes return to their home where they are scolded by the Red Ghost. Soon Spider-Man arrives. The masked hero has the upper hand against the Super-Apes and tricks them into destroying the cosmicizer, much to the Red Ghosts frustration. When the police arrive at the scene, the Super-Apes keep them and Spider-Man at bay long enough for their leader to escape. With the battle over, Spider-Man laments over the Red Ghost's escape, wondering what else could possibly go wrong. At that very moment, across town in a warehouse, the individual responsible for recovering the Hobgoblin's battle wagon discovers Spider-Man's spider-tracer on the vehicle. He crushes it in his hand and vows that when they next meet, he will destroy the cursed wall-crawler once and for all.

Solicit Synopsis

The Red Ghost and his super apes are living in New York City! But what possible trouble could he be for Spidey? Plenty! And if he isn't enough, meet the Silver Fox — cat burglar extraordinaire! And if all that still isn't enough — you'll find out more about Spider-Man's mysterious new costume.


Continuity Notes

  • The reason Peter is so exhausted is because his costume is really alive and has been taking him out web-slinging while he's asleep, as revealed in next issue and in Amazing Spider-Man #258.

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