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Synopsis for "Introducing... Puma!"

Spider-Man and the Black Cat break up a warehouse robbery in progress. While Spider-Man deals with the thugs, the Black Cat takes photos from the rafters so Peter Parker can sell the pictures to the Daily Bugle later. As she snaps the photos, she knows that this is helping Spider-Man out, but she wishes he wouldn't get to have all the fun. Although Spider-Man is able to hold his own against the crooks, the Cat notices that some of them are getting ready to surround her lover and leaps down to his aid. When the crooks try to attack her, the Black Cat's bad luck powers kick in to trip them up. When one of the thugs tries to shoot her, his gun misfires, exploding in his hand. Unaware that the Cat has these powers, Spider-Man wishes that the Cat would be more careful. After webbing up the crooks, the pair retreat to the rooftops. There Spider-Man warns her about taking unnecessary risks without and powers, but the Cat assures him that she can take care of herself. After assuring him, Spider-Man decides to go home and develop his photos and kisses her goodbye. Watching her lover go, the Cat wonders how she can tell Spider-Man about her new powers without worrying him over the fact that they were given to her by the Kingpin.

Soon, Spider-Man returns to his apartment in Chelsea and wills his costume to uncover his face and hands so he can develop his photos. Peter is exhausted but still develops the photos, remarking how great Felicia's photos are and thinks that he should start taking some photography lessons. As he stores some of his photos in his closet, he accidentally dumps his file box on the floor. As he rushes to pick them up, he finds his original Spider-Man costume, which he has nearly forgotten since getting his new costume from Battleworld. He reminisces about how much his old costume was a symbol and decides that his new costume is reflective of the changes he has gone through. Peter then wills his news costume onto a nearby chair and retires for the evening. However, as Peter Parker falls asleep, the costume slinks across the floor and attaches itself to his master again. Sometime later, two homeless men are arguing over who gets to sleep in a massive refrigerator box, they are frightened into sharing it when they spot Spider-Man swinging across the city.

The next morning, the Rose is informed about the warehouse raid by his minions Varley and Jonhston. The Rose is disappointed about Spider-Man's interference and tells his minions that the meddling wall-crawler must be eliminated, and he knows just who to hire to get the job. At that moment, in Hartsdale, New Mexico, at the offices of Fireheart Enterprises, Congressman Crespi is told that Thomas Fireheart is unavailable by his secretary Jenna Taylor. At the same time, she notices that her boss is getting a call on his private line and sends it to voice mail. On the other end of the line, the Rose leaves a simple message for Fireheart: He needs him. Hearing this message, Jenna transfers it to a helicopter in the middle of the desert. There, the feral warrior known as the Puma fights a bunch of mountain lions. After defeating the creatures, the Puma goes to the helicopter and goes to check his message. With his training session over, the Puma goes into a meditative state until he reverts back to his human identity, Thomas Fireheart. He finds the transformations are getting easier, and makes a note to tell them with his uncle during their next tribal meeting. Changing into a business suit, Thomas then heads back to the office.

Mary Jane Watson at the Daily Bugle talking to Peter Parker and Betty Brant.

Later, at the office of the Daily Bugle in New York, Peter Parker turns over his photos to Joe Robertson. Joe is impressed with the improvement of the quality and sends him out to Betty Leeds to get a voucher for his photos. Betty notices that not only has Peter been tired of late, but also edgy. He tells her that he is just upset that his Aunt May is not talking to him after he told her that he dropped out of grad school. Their conversation is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Mary Jane Watson. She has come to have dinner with Betty to celebrate the fact that she got steady modeling work in New York City. She invites Peter to join them, but he tells Mary Jane that he has things to do. Mary Jane notices that there is something wrong with Peter, and Betty agrees to tell Mary Jane about them over dinner. While this is transpiring, Thomas Fireheart arrives in New York and has a meeting with the Rose at his penthouse. Fireheart accepts the Rose's job to eliminate Spider-Man, looking forward to testing his powers against one of New York City's famous superheroes. The Rose's henchmen leave Thomas in a room to prepare for his mission. When they go back to check on him, they find the room empty and the window wide open.

Thomas Fireheart has transformed into the Puma has begun his mission. As he traverses across the rooftops he thinks about how his uncle would have a fit if he knew their tribal champion used his abilities as an assassin-for-hire. Going to the location of Spider-Man's recent appearance, the Puma gets the costumed heroe's scent. This is all the Puma needs in order to track someone. He goes into a state of meditation so he can track Spider-Man's scent across the city. He is able to zero in on the hero and follows after him. He secretly spies upon the wall-crawler, who is slinging across the city, trying to find trace of the Hobgoblin's battlewagon. Spider-Man is too focused on his worries over his Aunt May. The Puma takes this moment to test Spider-Man's reflexive abilities by throwing a rooftop ventilation pipe at the hero. Spider-Man just barely dodges the projectile thanks to his spider-sense. The wall-crawler quickly grabs onto the side of a building. However, the momentum of his fall prevents his wall-clining abilitiy from getting a strong hold and his slide down the wall wrenches his shoulder out of his socket. Realizing he is under attack, Spider-Man quickly forces his shoulder back into its socket. While the wall-crawler is writhing in pain, the Puma leaps down to eliminate his target.

Solicit Synopsis

Meet the latest Marvel super villain! He's the powerful and plunderous Puma — and he's got Spider-Man on the run! Because he's fast — because he's agile — because he's got super senses! And most of all, he's working for The Rose! That's right — The Rose is back . . . and he wants Spidey dead! Never let it be said that the wall-crawler has it easy!


Continuity Notes

  • Peter is worried about his Aunt May, who has been giving her the silent treatment since he told her he dropped out of grad school. He told her this in Amazing Spider-Man #253.
  • Spider-Man has been searching for the Hobgoblin's Battle Wagon since it was recovered out of the Hudson River in Amazing Spider-Man #254.

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