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Quote1 I might as well face it... being Spider-Man is just plain habit-forming! It's like going out with girls!.. I can't give it up! Quote2

Appearing in "The Man in the Crime-Master's Mask!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Man in the Crime-Master's Mask!"

Peter’s looking for a Spider-Man outfit to wear and despite trying home as well as The Daily Bugle, he's come up empty. As Peter goes to bed, we see a meeting on the docks between the Green Goblin and a man known as the Crime-Master who apparently knows the Goblin’s secret identity yet the Goblin knows Crime-Master’s identity too. The masked Crime-Master then pays visits to all the big criminal organizations in town stating that he’s taking control immediately. As we see the Crime-Master go home, we see Frederick Foswell hide a set of clothes in a panel behind his clock.

Meanwhile, Peter goes to school, and has heard enough from Flash and attacks him but is seen by the principal Mr. Davis and gets in trouble. Flash does the honorable thing and lets Mr. Davis know what really happened. After getting a Spider-Man outfit from a costume shop, he goes to track down Frederick Foswell but as he goes into his apartment, a gunshot goes off and almost hits him. As Spider-Man follows the figure, he discovers it’s the Crime-Master and before he lays a fist on him, he’s given a gas that suffocates him. As he falls off the side of a building, he’s presumed dead.

Meanwhile, the mob groups have decided to meet and hear the Crime-Master’s deal down by a pier and a character known as Patch tells the cops what’s happening. Yet as Spider-Man does surveillance on the meeting, the Green Goblin swoops down and begins to attack him. A pumpkin bomb stuns Spider-Man and the Goblin goes to unmask him, but can’t since Spider-Man had to use his sticky webbing to keep the cheap store-bought costume together. As the Crime-Master makes his presentation, the Green Goblin presents a limp body of Spider-Man to the crowd of criminals.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Here are some facts about Betty and Peter's lovers spat:
  • Peter doesn't trust Frederick Foswell because he used to be the criminal known as the Big Man, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #10.

Publication Notes[]

  • Steve Ditko was credited as the plotter for this issue.
  • Credits:
    • Stealthily scripted by....Stan Lee
    • Painstakingly plotted and drawn by...Steve Ditko
    • Lovingly lettered by...S. Rosen


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