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Synopsis for ""Jump For My Love" or "Spring Is in the Air""

The mutant villain known as the Toad has had enough of his tortured existence and has decided to commit suicide by jumping off the side of a building. A crowd has formed below, and one particularly sick individual is encouraging the Toad to jump. Soon, Spider-Man arrives on the scene to snap photos for the Daily Bugle. He arrives just in time to catch the Toad as he leaps off the side of the building. The Toad is upset that he couldn't even commit suicide properly. Learning that the Toad has no self-worth because nobody cares about him. Spider-Man points out that he cared because he saved the Toad's life. This changes the Toad's attitude and Spider-Man tells him how in some cultures saving the life of another, you become responsible for them. With that, Spider-Man takes the Toad down to the street and into the hands of the police. When the man who was encouraging the Toad to jumps starts badgering Spider-Man for more entertainment, the wall-crawler responds by webbing his mouth shut. As the hero swings away, the Toad can't believe that someone has actually stood up for him, and promises that when he gets out of jail, he'll devote his life to his new friend, Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is joined by the Black Cat, who wants to know why he went out on patrol without her. Spider-Man explains that as long as she is keeping secrets from him, he doesn't feel comfortable working with her and leaves, creating tension between the couple.

A few weeks later, a comic book shop is being held up by some thugs. The robbery is interrupted by the arrival of two police officers who came in to purchase some comic books. Seeing the situation, they rush outside and call for back up. Peter Parker happens upon the scene and slips away to change into Spider-Man. When the robbers come out with hostages, Spider-Man comes up from behind and webs up their guns. While Sthe hero is knocking out one of the thugs, he is about to be struck from behind by the other. Before this can happen, the Toad leaps in and knocks the crook off balance. Spider-Man recognizes the Toad as a former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but nearly forgets that this is the same man he saved from committing suicide weeks earlier. Much to Spider-Man's dismay, the Toad is out of therapy and has decided to live up to his promise to be Spider-Man's friend and partner. The situation is made even more embarrassing due to the fact that there is a live news crew on the scene who capture this declaration. Eugene Patilio watches this from his television at home and is furious that the Toad is apparently becoming Spider-Man's partner. Calling the Toad a poor imitation, Patilio vows to send the mutant running in his costumed identity of the Frogman.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is trying to get away from the Toad. Spider-Man admits that he considers the Toad a friend, but he refuses to allow him to be his partner. The Toad thinks that this is because he is a mutant. However, Spider-Man points out that excuse is ridiculous, as the Toad doesn't even know if the wall-crawler is a mutant or not. Spider-Man explains that he used to have the Black Cat as a partner, and that didn't work out. He tells the Toad to take some time to cool down and they'll meet up together the following morning down by the docks and hash things out over breakfast. With the wall-crawler gone, the Toad vows that he will convince Spider-Man to let him be his partner in fighting crime and leaps away. This declaration is overheard by someone inside the building, and that person has some different ideas about that. Later that night, the Toad goes to a bar and listens to some criminals complaining about having to deal with superheroes all the time. The Toad convinces them to go attack Spider-Man at the docks the following morning, hoping to rescue the wall-crawler and prove his value as a partner. It's then that the Toad notices that he is being followed by Eugene Patilio. Eugene pretends to want to get in on the Toad's scheme, but the mutant refuses to do so. As the Toad leaves, Eugene is left to believe that Spider-Man is being led into a trap and vows to help Spider-Man as Frogman.

At that moment, Peter Parker has just finished developing photos for the Daily Bugle. He wonders how he is going to resolve the situation with the Toad. Turning on the television he catches a clip of Kermit the Frog singing "It Ain't Easy Being Green" and Parker decides to go up to the roof to get some fresh air. There, he discovers that his neighbor Bambi is on the roof as well and the pair get to talking. He asks her about how to deal with someone that he needs to "ditch" gently. Bambi recalls that whenever an incompatible suiter tries to make a move on her or her roommates, they set them up with somebody else. Peter thanks Bambi for her advice and goes out on the town as Spider-Man to meet up with the Toad. When he arrives at the docks, Spider-Man is approached by Frogman, who warns him of the trap set up by the Toad. Suddenly, the thugs come out. The Toad also leaps in, telling Spider-Man that he is there to help. However, instead of the 47 men he was expecting, only 9 showed up, and they are all hung over from the previous nights drinking.

While Spider-Man deals with the thugs, the Toad and Frogman fight amongst themselves. They crash into the window of a pet store, unleashing a horde of frogs that trip up Spider-Man a bit. Suddenly, a second car full of armed thugs arrives on the scene, but the car is flipped over by the Spider-Kid, who has arrived on the scene to prove to the Toad and Frogman that he is the one who is worthy of being Spider-Man's partner. The trio clash with each other, but only manages to knock themselves out. By this point, Spider-Man has had enough and tells them that they all deserve each other. Much to his horror, Spider-Man has inadvertently convinced the trio to start a team and fight crime together. The trio decides on calling themselves the very thing Spider-Man called them, the Misfits, and go off to figure out how to organize their team, much to Spider-Man's dismay. In the aftermath of this experience, Peter returns home and goes out onto the roof again. Bambi is up there waiting for the sunset and the pair decide to watch it together.

Solicit Synopsis

The Toad, one Of the original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, is back! He, Frog-Man, and Spider-Kid triple-team Spidey in one of the most off-beat stories of the year!


Continuity Notes

  • When seeing him in costume, Spider-Man recognizes the Toad as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The Toad was a founding member back in X-Men #4. He was ultimately abandoned by the Brotherhood's leader Magneto in Avengers #53.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:



  • This and the following issue were released because editor Jim Owsley considered having Spider-Man's fight against Firelord from issue Amazing Spider-Man #269 take place in a graphic novel or perhaps an annual instead. While debating what to do with the story, he ran these two fill-ins written by Peter David.[1]
  • The Frog-Man for some reasons gives his name as Eugene Colorito, but his real name is Eugene Patilio, as seen from his first appearance in Marvel Team-Up #121

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