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Quote1.png I've always felt I was partly responsible for the death of Uncle Ben, because he was killed by a criminal whom I didn't catch! And now--Aunt May! The two people I've loved most in the world--who were like my own father and mother to me--! Yet, their love for me--their kindness to me-- has brought them nothing but--tragedy! But it can't happen again! It mustn't! It mustn't! Not to Aunt May!! She's been too good--too kind--! I can't pay her back-- like this!! There must be some way to save her! There must be! And I'll find it! Somewhere, somehow--I'll find it! No matter what the cost--I'll save her! Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Man on a Rampage!"

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Synopsis for "Man on a Rampage!"

The Master Planner, who has been running experiments and stealing radioactive material, is actually Doctor Octopus. Meanwhile, Peter Parker is delivering new photos for The Daily Bugle when he’s spotted by Betty Brant. Peter is conflicted by the fact that she loves him but hates Spider-Man and he decides the best thing is to make her angry so she forgets about him. Ned Leeds tries to reason with Peter, but he shoves Ned aside and to not burden Betty with his secret.

After this, Peter goes to the hospital where he learns Aunt May is dying because of radioactive material in her blood. He figures that she may have received this from him during a blood transfusion. Feeling responsible for not only Uncle Ben’s death but now perhaps Aunt May’s, he’s determined to save her. He realizes Curt Connors may be able to help and he swipes a vial of her blood and brings it to him for help. Pete raises money to get a serum called ISO-36 which may save Aunt May. As they prepare for its arrival, Dr. Connors is told that it’s been stolen and Spider-Man goes to track it down. Spider-Man tears up countless henchmen hideouts, throwing cars like toys, and finally, finds a trap door in an alley. He follows the Master Planner’s henchmen to an area where the ISO-36 serum sits unguarded.

As he’s shocked off of the ceiling with electricity, he begins a fight with Doctor Octopus who is frightened by the intensity and strength Spider-Man now shows. As he hurls a rock at Doctor Octopus, he destroys a support beam and the entire lab comes crashing down. As he’s trapped underneath a huge and heavy iron unit weighing tons, drops of water come splashing on the canister of ISO-36, with the river slowly flooding the lab.


Continuity Notes

  • Peter realizes that the blood transfusion he gave Aunt May in Amazing Spider-Man #10 is the cause of her current illness.
  • Peter also blames himself for the death of his Uncle Ben, who was shot by a burglar in Amazing Fantasy #15.
  • Spider-Man mentions how he fought Frederick Foswell "Years Ago", he is referring to when Foswell was the crime boss known as the Big Man, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #8. His statement that the battle took place "years ago" should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Their battle took place roughly one year prior according to the modern age timeline.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


Doctor Octopus:

Publication Notes

  • Steve Ditko is credited as the plotter in this issue.
  • Credits:
    • Script + editing by: Stan Lee
    • Plot + Illustration by: Steve Ditko
    • Lettering + Kibitzing by: Artie Simek

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