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Appearing in "The Killing Cure!"

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Synopsis for "The Killing Cure!"

While attempting to stop the Sinister Six from launching a satellite full of deadly poison, Spider-Man ended up getting gassed with the same poison leaving him at the mercy of his foes. However, the poison doesn't seem to be killing Spider-Man as quickly as they had expected. That's when Doctor Octopus arrives and reveals the secret he has been keeping from his allies. He tells them that poisoning the entire world was a worthless prospect, and instead the satellite is loaded with a chemical that will cause cocaine addicts to convulse when they take the drug. The only cure is the stolen burundite. He explains that addicts will be willing to pay a fortune to continue their addictions giving Octavius the funds he needs to take over the world on his own. Furious at being double-crossed, the Sinister Six attack Doctor Octopus, but he is able to deflect all of their attacks with his mechanical arms. When the authorities begin arriving on the scene, the Sinister Six flee. Before Doctor Octopus can get away, a recovered Spider-Man tries to stop him. However, Octavius tosses the weapon that will restore Sandman back to human form into Long Island Sound and escapes. However, Spider-Man tags the weapon with a spider-tracer, and another on the fleeing Doctor Octopus. Unwilling to leave the Sandman trapped in a glass form, the wall-crawler recovers the weapon and uses it to restore Sandman to normal.

With nothing left to do at the scene, Spider-Man returns to his apartment in Soho. There he finds his wife Mary Jane, who tells him about the note she received from her director, Hal McGee, asking her to meet with him.[Continuity 1] No sooner has Peter sat down, the phone rings. It's Professor Swan who tells him that he needs to get to Empire State University. The couple takes a cab together. No sooner have they gone does Mary Jane receive a phone call from a colleague. Getting the voicemail, she explains that she has called to tell her that Hal McGee died in the hospital. Meanwhile Peter learns that the chemical created by Doctor Octopus could destroy the Earth's ozone layer. Peter examines the information and tells Swann that burundite could neutralize the toxin that was recently stolen from Doctor Octopus. Mary Jane arrives at the television studio and soon discovers that it was a trap set for her by Jonathan Caesar. When he tells her that he had come for her, she refuses to go anywhere with him. This upsets Caesar who decides that if he can't have her, nobody can, and pulls out a knife.

At that moment, Spider-Man has tracked down his spider-tracer to Doctor Octopus' hideout in New Jersey. While at the television studio, Jonathan Caesar is interrupted by the arrival of officer Hal Goldman, who easily dealt with Caesar's hired muscle. Jonathan is shocked to have his plan falling apart and is gunned down by the police officer. Mary Jane is horrified to witness a cold-blooded murder committed by a police officer. Hal tells her that he lied to her when they first met; he then reveals to Mary Jane that he is her biggest fan. Meanwhile, Spider-Man confronts Doctor Octopus and warns him of the risk to the ozone layer. Doctor Octopus refuses to listen and attacks Spider-Man. The two struggle with one another until Doctor Octopus' flailing arms strikes a fuel tank, causing an explosion. Flames rush toward the burundite as Spider-Man races to save it from destruction.

While at the television studio, Officer Goldman reveals that he is not really a police detective but a simple file clerk. He explains that he is a huge fan of "Secret Hospital" and after reading the file on Jonathan Caesar decided she needed protection. He then reveals that he was the one who ran over the elderly woman who slapped her across the face, dropped a spotlight on his director's head, and attempted to kill her husband.[Continuity 2] Realizing she is dealing with another stalker, Mary Jane warns Goldman that she has a gun. However, Goldman knows she is bluffing because there is a waiting period to purchase a gun. She tells Hal that she doesn't want his protection. Disappointed by this, Goldman decides that he will have to kill her.

At that moment, Spider-Man has saved the burundite from the flames. This convinces Doctor Octopus that Spider-Man was telling the truth and vows to get his ultimate revenge against Spider-Man another time. As Doctor Octopus flees, Spider-Man rushes to Empire State University with the burundite. While at the television studio, Mary Jane tries to stall for time. She tells Hal that when he kills her that they will have to change the story arc for "Secret Hospital" and asks him if he'd like to hear what they were planning on doing. Hal falls for this, allowing Mary Jane to get close enough to spray him in the face with her hairspray. While Goldman is blinded she hits him so hard she knocks him out. At Empire State University, Spider-Man assists staff in creating a device that will release burundite into Earth's atmosphere neutralizing Doctor Octopus' deadly chemicals. In order to get it into space, Spider-Man has called in Thor to assist them. The thunder god flies into orbit with the device and activates it, saving the Earth. Seeing that Spider-Man isn't cheering over their victory, Thor asks him why. The wall-crawler explains that he is too busy worrying about what would have happened. That evening, Peter returns to his apartment to find Mary Jane waiting for him. When they both say they couldn't believe the day they had, the two can't help but laugh and hug each other.


Continuity Notes[]

  1. Peter and Mary Jane are referred to as husband and wife here. However, years later, their marriage is erased from existence by the demon Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man #545. As such they should be considered a common-law couple as opposed to husband and wife.
  2. Goldman's hit-and-run occurred in Amazing Spider-Man #331, Hal McGee's injury occurred in Amazing Spider-Man #334, and lastly, his attempt to kill Peter Parker happened last issue.

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