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The heroes chase Midnight but lose him as he ducks into a hidden entrance. Punisher, following his leads, arrives and witnesses Midnight's escape. The other heroes land to question him but the Empire's men attack, guns blazing with Midnight and the Seekers joining the fight. Having delayed the heroes and nearly killing the Punisher, the Seekers depart as the Empire escapes in a hidden rocket, crippling the Moon Copter in the process. The Empire members relocate to their hidden stronghold, finding and destroying Spidey's tracer. They ask Dr. Franklin to add cyborg parts to Nova but he is concerned they may make him weaker. Realizing he's being reduced to grunt status, Midnight strikes several Empire members but backs off when threatened with the pain-inducer device wired into his spinal cord. As the members squabble over whom should be the new Number 1. Midnight undergoes an equipment upgrade. Lynn Church shows a technician something on her forehead that convinces him to slip a small device between Midnight's third and fourth vertebrae.

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