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Quote1 There's no doubt about it! My strength has been multiplied many times! It must be the meteor gas--that's what affected me! Quote2
Norton Fester

Appearing in "When Falls the Meteor!"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "When Falls the Meteor!"

A meteor comes crashing down and Norton Fester, a scientist, retrieves it and looks for funding in order to research microscopic life on it. After being turned down by a bank and his friends, he cracks it open himself. As he does, a trapped pocket of gas emits and he stumbles backward. When he awakens, he discovers new-found strength and lifts a bookcase as if it were a feather. Meanwhile, Peter Parker is back on campus trying to regain a normal social life. As he tries to socialize, he gets worried about being pegged as an “egghead” and afraid to repeat his mistake with Betty, brushes them off.

Inside a bank, we see Norton Fester is now the Looter. He robs the bank and blinds those inside with a dazzle gun. As he continues to rob banks over the next few days, Looter finds there’s no more gas in his meteor and decides to find another just in case his power diminishes. Coincidentally, Peter Parker is attending a space exhibit and Gwen Stacy happens to show up as well. Gwen becomes frustrated when Peter only notices the exhibits and is completely oblivious to her presence. Looter shows up to steal the meteor and Spider-Man arrives to prevent it. The Looter uses his dazzle gun to blind everyone and escape. Peter returns to try and talk to Gwen but she writes him off as a coward when he ran and changed. Spider-Man figures Looter will be back and is proven correct when another robbery is attempted.

Unsuccessful in his second attempt, Looter tries to fly away with a helium balloon, but Spider-Man springs up a flagpole and catches him. After he knocks him out cold, Spider-Man sails the balloon for the police to arrest Looter before knowing why the meteor was sought after.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Peter mentions his most recent battles with Kraven the Hunter and the Molten Man. These battles took place in Amazing Spider-Man #34 and 35.
  • Peter blows off Sally Green because he doesn't want another "Betty Brant situation". He is referring to the turbulent relationship he had with Betty Brant between Amazing Spider-Man #434.

Publication Notes[]

  • Steve Ditko is credited as the plotter for this issue.
  • Credits:
    • Script + editing: Stan Lee
    • Plot and artwork: Steve Ditko
    • Lettering 'n stuff: Art Simek

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