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Spider-Man rejoices that the Avengers have been confirmed to be alive. He begin dealing with the one million dollar reward the Bugle has on him. He heading toward the Baxter Building to visit the Fantastic Four, only to remember the Thunder Bolts recently purchased the building. Techno and Atlas spotted Spider-Man, Citizen V warning them not to go after Spidey. Silver Surfer flew through space preventing a meteor from colliding with the Mir Space Station. Peter gets into an argument with Mary at Empire State University.

Peter agrees to quit being Spider-Man, as Mary meets up with Jill. Dr. Ashley Kafka, the new director of the Ravencroft Institute wants to shut down the microwave field holding back Cletus Kasady in order to cut costs. After an argument with Officer Kallis, he disables the microwave field. Carnage escapes, and goes after various people to find Spider-Man. Later on in the issue, Peter confronts Kasasy and engages in a brawl, but this time, with the Silver Surfer involved. Carnage soon begins to infect the Silver Surfer, turning him into the Carnage Cosmic. Now it's up to Norrin to stop the symbiotic from spreading.

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