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Appearing in "The Sinister Shocker!"

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Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)




  • Peter Parker's Motorcycle
  • Harry's Car

Synopsis for "The Sinister Shocker!"

Spider-Man, with his arm still in a sling, is perching on a building when he’s shaken off. Inside, he runs into The Shocker, whose vibro-shock units on his hands create strong punches and vibration waves that knock Spider-Man off-balance. Spider-Man’s punches are deflected by Shocker's vibrating body and he escapes.

Moments later, Peter Parker walks to The Daily Bugle to sell The Shocker pictures when he’s met by Harry Osborn. Harry tells Pete his dad is paying for an apartment closer to school and invites Pete to move in. After Pete gets cash from J. Jonah Jameson, Frederick Foswell follows him as Patch, hoping for a connection with Spider-Man.

In the meantime, The Shocker returns to his hideout and remembers the origin of his powers. Arrested for robbery, he created a fool-proof safecracking tool that vibrates loose any safe and used it to escape from prison. He created a costume that absorbs feedback and added a battery unit for power, turning into the powerful Shocker.

At that moment, Peter picks up Aunt May at the train station and she tells him that Mrs. Watson invited her to move in, which works since Peter wants to move out too. As Peter drops Aun May at Mrs. Watson's house, he goes on a date with Mary Jane and they meet with Peter's friends for the farewell party of Flash Thompson, who was drafted to the army. During the meeting, Peter can't help but notice how attractive is Gwen Stacy, but since he is with Mary Jane and Gwen is with Harry, he decides to move along.

After the party, Peter goes to change into Spider-Man in an alleyway when he’s almost caught by Patch. He fakes a conversation between Peter and Spider-Man about pictures and sends a dummy Spider-Man off to prevent Patch getting any suspicions. Afterward, Spider-Man hears reports of tremors near the Federal Reserve and he confronts The Shocker inside. After battling and dodging vibration blasts and falling concrete, Spider-Man finally webs up the vibro-shock thumb triggers and knocks out The Shocker. He takes pictures of the capture and returns home ready for the big move for Aunt May and himself.

When Peter finally moves out of Aunt May's home and reaches the new apartment, he’s shocked at the size but also an odd feeling of depression and weariness that Peter can’t place.


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  • Credits:
    • A Stan Lee John Romita Spideriffic Spectacular
    • Lettered by: Sam Rosen

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