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Quote1.png I can't let a common cold put me out of action! Otherwise, next time around, I'm liable to cry uncle if I develop some dandruff... or a case of chaffed lips! I might even become the only super-hero in town who won't fight because he's got acne! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Wings of the Vulture!"

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Synopsis for "The Wings of the Vulture!"

As Spider-Man searches the city for trace of Kraven the Hunter, at the nearby prison Adrian Toomes is apparently on his death bed following an accident. Before he seemingly dies, he tells his cellmate Blackie Drago the location of a spare set of Vulture wings. Once he learns of their location, Drago reveals that the his "accident" was planned in the hopes that Toomes would reveal the location of the wings so that once Drago gets out of prison he can use the technology for his own personal gain.

That night, Drago manages to sneak out of the prison, and finds Toome's spare set of wings: hidden in a hiding place near the prison. Drago manages to escape before the guards can capture him, mastering how to use the wings in moments and flying away.

Peter has given up his search for Kraven for a while, when he realizes that he's coming down with a cold from all his winter time web-slinging. When he hears news of the new Vulture on the prowl he goes out to find the new Vulture in spite of his illness. This ends up working against him, as the new Vulture manages to defeat him easily before flying away and leaving Spider-Man unconscious in the snow.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man is resuming his hunt for Kraven the Hunter who managed to escape during the events of last issue.
  • Peter mentions how he recently helped Daredevil defeat Stilt-Man. That happened in Daredevil #27.

Publication Notes

  • Credits:
    • An awesome aggregation of airborne thrills by:
    • Stan Lee and John Romita
    • Learnedly lettered by: Whammy Sammy Rosen
  • References: Amazing Spider-Man #47 and Daredevil #27
  • Page 19, Panel 5 bests fits the image on the cover.


  • Blackie's prison number is 40817060, while Adrian's is 1097201

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