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Quote1.png When you beat me last time, you were fighting a sick little Spider-Man! Even Doris Day could'a knocked me for a loop that time! Quote2.png

Appearing in "From the Depths of Defeat!"

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  • Helicopter

Synopsis for "From the Depths of Defeat!"

Following his defeat at the hands of the new Vulture, Peter returns to his apartment which he shares with Harry Osborn. His health hasn't improved for the better and forces himself to rest up until he gets better. He is visited by his Aunt May, Mary Jane, and Gwen Stacy while he's recuperating.

Meanwhile, hearing of the Vulture's defeat of Spider-Man, Kraven becomes furious that he was denied his right to defeat the wall-crawler and vows to hunt down this new Vulture and make him pay. The Vulture meanwhile, is taking advantage of the absence of Spider-Man in order to commit as many crimes as possible. However, his activities bring him into conflict Kraven.

Hearing of the two clashing super-villains, Peter forces himself out of bed and out to fight them in spite of his illness. With Spider-Man getting in the middle of the Vulture and Kraven's fight, the two villains turn their attention to Spidey. However, their inability to work together and their desire to get revenge on Spider-Man work against them. The Vulture is downed by Kraven's tranquilizer rays after the Vulture is defeated, Spider-Man is able to easily defeat Kraven and webs the two of them up. He leaves them for the police to pick up, but not before snapping some pictures for the Bugle.

Peter returns to his room, and when his doctor checks him out he gives Peter a clean bill of health.


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