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Synopsis for "Saturday in the Park with May"

May Parker sits on a park bench, talking about her feelings about her nephew, Peter Parker, and his relationship with Mary Jane Watson-Parker and the fact that he is Spider-Man. She recaps how earlier on in the day Peter set off on his patrol and later on, in the streets, she overhears two boys pretending to be Spider-Man and Otto Octavius and a stall vendor telling his friend about how he witnessed a fight between Spidey and a 'bug woman'.

As she gets to a street corner, rubble falls to the ground as a result of Spidey's fight with the Shaker. The scene then cuts to the fight with Spider-Man struggling to defeat the Shaker and then remembering how he read about the mining suit the Shaker was using had been stolen. Back to the fight, and Spidey is still struggling to defeat the Shaker. It is then revealed that the two have been fighting for two hours previous ever since the Shaker had robbed a bank. Shaker then causes a cave in on the roof the two are on and they both fall in.

May continues to state her feelings about how much she worries about Peter going out as Spider-Man but she does respect what he does for everyone in the city. After a moment of seeing May outsmarting an annoying customer in a phone shop and making him walk off in anger, the attention is back on Spidey's fight with Shaker as he manages to throw the villain in a swimming pool and, due to the vibrations the Shaker's suit constantly gives out, mini tidal waves constantly pound into the Shaker and make him surrender.

Back to May on the park bench, and her newly bought mobile starts to ring which turns out to be Peter offering to take May out for dinner and a movie tonight with him and MJ. May accepts the invitation and turns to whoever she has been talking to saying she has to go but she will back next Saturday. It is then revealed that May has been talking to the grave stone of Richard, Mary and Ben Parker.

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