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Quote1 There are some things in my life that you just don't touch if you want to walk away with your spine intact. Quote2
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Sins Past - Part One"

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Synopsis for "Sins Past - Part One"

Mary Jane gets acting tips by what appears to be Robert DeNiro. She's auditioning for a play and lands the part. Back at home, MJ, Peter, and Aunt May are eating. May gets up from the table to check the mail and is stunned by what she sees. She goes in to the kitchen and hands Peter a letter telling him he'd better have a look. Thinking it to be a threat, he quickly takes the envelope. He's ready for anything except for what he finds. The letter is from Gwen Stacy.

In the backyard, MJ approaches Peter to make sure he's OK. He recounts what was going on in their lives at the time the letter was written. Reliving Gwen's death at the hands of the Green Goblin. Later in bed, Peter sneaks out and goes to Gwen's grave while MJ is sleeping. He talks to the stone when he suddenly realizes that he's not alone.

Someone knows who he is as they've attacked him as Peter Parker, NOT Spider-Man. A fight ensues in the graveyard. Peter realizes he's at a disadvantage and makes a run for it. He successfully escapes, but the identity of his attackers are not yet revealed.


  • In Brazil, the cover of the comic was turned into a poster that came with the issue 100 of the Brazilian comic of Spider-Man, published by Panini Comics.

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