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Appearing in "Sins Past - Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Sins Past - Part Two"

Peter is trying to figure out who attacked him at Gwen's gravesite and how they knew to attack him there (prev. issue). MJ comes in to their room and notices that there are indentations on the back of the letter Gwen sent. She suggests that the missing next page of the letter may have been written on a piece of paper on TOP of the first page, leaving the indentation.

Later at breakfast, Peter is opening a package he received. It contains pictures of Aunt May and MJ along with the note "We can kill them whenever we want". Spider-Man goes to a cop he respects to help him out with analyzing the indentations on the back of Gwen's letter. He leaves to chase down his own leads and stops to call Mary Jane. After they talk, Peter receives a call from an anonymous source claiming to have his Aunt May hostage. Spider-Man races to the location he's given over the phone only to find a mannequin with a bomb attached to it.

The bomb blows and Spider-Man is attacked again by the same mysterious ninja guy that attacked him at Gwen's grave. His assailant is called Gabe. Before Gabe can kill him however, he's stopped by his partner (now revealed to be called Sarah). This isn't the time, she says. Gabe allows Spider-Man to live, but threatens to destroy everything he cares about before he kills him for real. Gabe and Sarah walk away, leaving Spider-Man to wonder what he'd done to deserve this.

Back at the police station, Spider-Man's police friend has deciphered the text on the back of the letter. The text reveals that Gwen Stacy was pregnant when she left for Paris. She had the babies while there on break between semester. The babies names are Gabriel and Sarah!


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