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Quote1.png He always tries to protect me. It's what he DOES. He doesn't understand. It's not that I don't want to be protected, because sometimes I do. But sometimes I want to protect HIM, and I can't do that when he's too busy protecting ME. When he's keeping secrets. But I have to respect his secrets. Because that's what I do. I keep people's secrets. Quote2.png
Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in "Sins Past - Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Sins Past - Part Three"

Spider-Man is being strong for Mary Jane while Mary Jane worries about him, as per usual. Peter is keeping secrets from her and she's upset because she wants to help him. Spider-Man breaks in to a lab to test DNA on Gabe and Sarah to see if they're his kids with Gwen. The DNA test says that they are his kids. Just as he receives the results, he's confronted by Sarah. She tells Spider-Man that Gabe is determined to kill everyone he loves before killing him. The only way to save his loved ones is to allow her to kill him right then and there.

A machine in the lab distracts just long enough for Spider-Man to pounce. He gains the upper hand, but Gabe blows a window right next to him. When Spider-Man gets back on his feet both Sarah and Gabe are gone. They've moved on to a rooftop where they discuss their motivation for attacking Spider-Man. They feel he abandoned their mom and blame him for her death.

Back at home, Mary Jane confronts Peter about the letter. She read it while he was out and knows Peter thinks Sarah and Gabe are his kids. He explains to her that it's impossible because he and Gwen never had sex. She says she knows. Even more, she knows who the real father is.

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