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Quote1.png They have Osborn blood, and Osborn blood... is SPECIAL blood. Quote2.png
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Sins Past - Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Sins Past - Part Four"

This entire issue is pretty much Mary Jane explaining that she's known all along who the father of Gwen's children is. The father of Gwen's two children, Gabe and Sarah, is Norman Osborn. She totally banged him. Turns out, MJ overheard Gwen and Norman talking about it. She threatened to go public if Norman didn't help Harry when he was sick. Peter puts it all together and comes to the conclusion that it makes perfect sense. That's why Green Goblin targeted her when he killed her instead of May or MJ or anyone else. Two birds with one stone, take out Gwen before she can go public about the babies AND screw with Spider-Man at the same time.

Spider-Man begins to ask MJ if she knew whether or not Osborn was her first, but stops to have a mental breakdown instead. He destroys their bedroom in a fit of rage, only stopping when MJ steps in and calms him down. Eventually he comes to the conclusion that he can't fight Sarah and Gabe. Instead, he has to save them. They're aging prematurely due to Osborn's enhanced DNA and they're going to die.


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