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Quote1 Go get him, Tiger. Kick his ass. Kick it HARD. Quote2
Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in "Sins Past - Part Six"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Doctor Chapin (First appearance)
  •  Norman Osborn  (Cameo)
  • God (Yahweh) (Invoked)
  • Gwen Stacy (Implanted memories)
  • Bobby (a child) (First appearance)
  • Another child and their parents (First appearance)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Sins Past - Part Six"

Spider-Man and Mary Jane are in the hospital with Sarah. The doctor comes out and says there's nothing they can do, so Spider-Man insists on a blood transfusion. The doctor objects at first, but figures that the transfusion can't make the situation any worse and eventually agrees. Sarah makes a complete recovery with the help of Spider-Man's special blood.

Meanwhile, Gabe is in Osborn's safe house watching a recorded message that Norman left for him and his sister. Norman is encouraging Gabe to inject himself with the Goblin Formula, which he does. Gabe becomes stronger and faster, dons a Goblin costume and flies to the hospital.

Spider-Man wakes up in a recovery room with Mary Jane at his side. She tells him that they think she's a super hero groupie and no one is any the wiser that she's really his wife. She also reveals that the news has put out a bounty of 5 million dollars for a picture of Spider-Man with his mask off. When Spider-Man finds out that his location is public knowledge, he panics. Turns out his panic is for good reason as Gabe has seen the report too.

Gabe, now dressed as a Goblin, attacks Spider-Man in the hospital. He crashes through the window and takes Spider-Man out. Spider-Man manages to escape his grasp mid-air and crashes on to a roof where Sarah is waiting with a gun. She points it at Gabe and tells him to back off. Gabe, feeling betrayed, fires on her from his glider. She shoots back, hits his glider, and causes an explosion that takes him out of the fight. Sarah then disappears down a hallway, Spider-Man being too injured to stop her.

Gabe wakes up on the shore with no memory of who he is or how he got there.


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