Quote1 Why is it that every time I've ever tried to get my life together--it almost always ends up with me being late for school? Quote2
-- Peter Parker

Appearing in "Skin Deep"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Sanchez, Alonzo, Pimentel, Milla, Petit, Lee, Mendoza, Straczynski & Deodato (Midtown High students)
  • Tessa Springfield (assistant to Tony Stark)
  • Molly St Jude (on phone only)
  • Sheila (Only in flashback)
  • Rich (Only in flashback)
  • Teddy (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Skin Deep"

Peter Parker is late for his class. His boss yells at him and tells him that he's on the hook for covering a couple of classes for a colleague. While teaching a Remedial Citizenship class, Peter notices an old acquaintance waiting for him outside. After the class he goes out and meets with Charles Weiderman. Charles reveals that he's working on a project that he intends to sell to the military. It's basically an invulnerable skin that soldiers could get sprayed down with before going in to battle. He asks Peter to help him check some numbers and Peter obliges.

Later, Charles is in a meeting with Tony Stark to get some funding. Tony sees that Peter is attached to the project. When he asks Charles about it, he lies and tells Tony that Peter is a partner. Stark, knowing that Peter is Spider-Man and assuming Charles is telling him the truth, gives him the funding.

After Charles gets the funding, he goes radio silent. Peter hasn't heard from him at all, and apparently neither have Stark Industries. Peter receives a phone call asking for an update on the project. That's how he finds out that Charles lied about how involved he would be in the project.

Peter confronts Charles about it in his lab. He sees that Charles has been doing dangerous work and that he isn't taking the due precautions. Peter tells Charles to tell Stark Industries the truth, or he would before storming out. The lab explodes shortly after and Charles is next seen knocked out, covered in his invulnerable skin experiment.

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