Quote1.png Aunt May? You there? It's Charlie. Peter's friend. Let me show you how little he thinks your life is worth. Quote2.png
-- Charlie Weiderman

Appearing in "Skin Deep, Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Skin Deep, Part Three"

Charlie blames Peter for the lab accident that permanently grafted his experimental armor to his skin. He tells Peter that if he doesn't help him get the remaining money from Tony Stark's grant, he'll kill Peter and his loved ones. Charlie says he's going to go back to his apartment, get his checkbook, and write a check payable to Peter for all of the money he's got left from Stark. Peter will then go in to a bank, cash the check, and then give the money back to Charlie.

While gathering his things in his apartment, Charlie sees his old high school bully and his wife (Charlie's high school crush) on TV talking about him. Word of his accident has gotten out and the press are interviewing people who knew him. The bully acts like he was always sympathetic towards Charlie and even tried to help him fit in with the popular crowd. This lie prompts a flashback where we see this bully trick him in to talking to the cheerleaders so that he can knock him down, take his pants, and embarrass him in front of the girls. Enraged, Charlie goes to the bully's house and murders him. During this time, Peter goes to Mary Jane's rehearsal and tells her to grab May and check in to a hotel after she's finished. He anticipates things with Charlie not going well.

Later, Spider-Man is waiting in ambush at the spot where Charlie and Peter are supposed to meet. Spider-Man attacks, but accidentally reveals that he knows Charlie's name. This leads Charlie to assume that Peter told Spider-Man to ambush him. Thinking Peter betrayed him, Charlie escapes to make good on his promise to murder Peter's loved ones. The issue ends with Charlie breaking in to Aunt May's house.

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