Quote1.png Just a minute, Mary Jane. I think there's something your husband needs to tell me. Quote2.png
-- Aunt May

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Synopsis for "Rage"

May Parker, who wakes up from a strange dream and, after being yelled at by an emotional Peter, goes to the kitchen and ends up finding Tracer. Tracer tells her that he is a reserve Avenger who is there to watch over her. During their conversation, he tells May that he is a machine god; in the same way that humans created gods, machines created him. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is fighting Tracer's robot followers in the city when his powers start to fail. Morlun confronts him and tells Peter that he would rather watch Peter deteriorate than fight him. Spider-Man returns home and, finding Tracer, attacks him. However, Tracer assesses his health and refuses to fight him in his current state. Peter becomes enraged at Tracer's nonchalant attitude about his plans to kill Aunt May, and strangles Tracer to death. His skin melts away to reveal a machine body. After this, Peter tells Aunt May what is wrong with him.


  • Part Three of "Spider-Man: The Other - Evolve or Die" storyline.


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