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Appearing in "The War at Home: Part 5 of 6"

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Synopsis for "The War at Home: Part 5 of 6"

Spider-Man is attacked by Iron Man after Peter decides to go against the Superhuman Registration Act. Iron Man quickly overrides Spidey's costume, the "Iron Spider Armor." But, Peter isn't smart for nothing. Peter then overrides Stark's command. He webs Iron Man in the face and dives into the sewer. The story picks up sometime later, at the school where Peter, MJ, and Aunt May are currently residing at, Midtown High. MJ then explains to Peter that she cleared out both of their bank accounts earlier. Aunt May joins in the conversation as they begin to talk about the war. They realize that it is nobody's but everybody's fault for what is happening, not just their fault. Aunt May and MJ go to search for a place to stay, but not after MJ and Peter...well, you get the idea. Peter, while waiting for them to come back, goes outside and sort of daydreams of talking to his younger self back when he had just been bitten by the spider that granted him powers. It then speeds up to Peter paying for a room at a motel. On the way to their room, an old, raggedy man comes up and asks MJ and Aunt May for their "friend." He'll give them $200. MJ leaves, while Aunt May seems intrigued by what he means by "friend." Aunt May, inside the room, gives Peter the costume she made him for when he announced his identity. We then see Spidey announcing his mistake of registering his identity, giving his allegiance to the non-registered, and giving a description of the Negative Zone Prison, where the caught superhumans are imprisoned for life. He lastly unmasks and says he will object to anyone who believes that the Registration Act is in good conscious. Iron Man is then seen, telling his allies to bring Spider-Man in.

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