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Peter Parker

Appearing in "Back in Black: Part 2 of 5"

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Synopsis for "Back in Black: Part 2 of 5"

Aunt May is in a coma in intensive care in the hospital after being shot, while Spider-Man goes off searching for the shooter. The trail leads to a hit man named Jake Martino. When he arrives at his house, Martino has just left. Spider-Man hurries for the train station, where he finds Martino just in time. While Spidey is beating the crap out of him, Martino is shot by a second hit man. That hit man escapes, but Spider-Man manages to stick a spider-tracer on him. Spidey then hitches a ride on the ambulance that is taking Martino to a hospital. Ironically, it is the same hospital as where aunt May is. Spidey changes back into his normal clothes, and as Peter Parker, he visits his wife Mary Jane, who was already at the hospital. She tells him that aunt May is not going to make it. A bit later, the hit man Martino dies on the operating table. At the same time, Peter senses that the spider-tracer he placed on the second hit man is near, so he goes outside, and finds the guy talking on the phone. Peter shuts him up, takes over the phone, and hears Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin.

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