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--(thought bubble) - Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Appearing in "Back in Black: Part 5 of 5 - An Incident on the Fourth Floor"

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  • Ambulance

Synopsis for "Back in Black: Part 5 of 5 - An Incident on the Fourth Floor"

In the previous issue Spider-Man had beaten the Kingpin within an inch of his life and left him with a parting thought, "If Aunt May dies, so do you". This issue begins with Peter Parker at the hospital bedside of Aunt May. Aunt May's condition has apparently not improved with the transfusion of Peter's blood. The hospital chaplain, Bill Whitcomb, arrives and encourages Mary Jane (who is going by the alias Ms. Riley) to consider funeral preparations. Meanwhile, the police have been notified of Aunt May's condition due to the policy where all gunshot wounds are reported to the police. As the detective inquires into the situation, the nurse informs him that there are several weird things connected to the "Reily" case, especially that in the last 48 hours traces of radiation were detected in her bloodstream.

Peter and Mary Jane hustle Aunt May out of the hospital when the detective confronts them. Peter steals an ambulance and he and Mary Jane transfer Aunt May to another hospital. At the end of the issue, Peter recounts the number of felonies (nine) he has committed as Peter.


  • Peter commits 9 felonies in this, including fraud, forgery, assaulting an officer, and Grand Theft Auto.


  • In the hospital, the kid reading a book entitled "Sponge Man" and a picture of a square yellow man is a take off on Spongebob.

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