Quote1.png Hey Tiger...it's Jackpot ! Miss Me? Quote2.png
-- Jackpot

Appearing in "Lo, There Shall Come a Menace!!"

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Synopsis for "Lo, There Shall Come a Menace!!"

The story begins where last issue left off with Spider-Man surrounded by the New York Police Department. He goes to use his web-shooters but once again remembers that he is out of web fluid. Out of nowhere, Jackpot turns up and rescues Spider-Man.

Meanwhile in Harlem, Menace has kidnapped Mayoral hopeful Councilwoman Parfrey for as yet unrevealed reasons. Spider-Man and Jackpot almost save her, but tragedy strikes as Parfrey dies due to a hit from Menace's glider. As an epilogue, when Spider-Man goes to the residence of Jackpot's secret identity, he finds that Jackpot is denying she is Jackpot.

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