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Synopsis for "Just blame Spider-Man"

While Mister Negative and Menace have seemed to disappear, Parfrey's death seems to make Randall Crowne a shoe-in for mayor. However, if Lily Hollister decides to do something about it by getting her dad to run for mayor (He previously wasn't interested).

A guy named Freak,[1] with one blue eye and the one brown eye, attempts to steal a charity donation box when Spider-Man intervenes to save it, letting Freak get away. Frustrated, Freak searches for his friend's place to lay low, and stumbles into Doctor Connors' lab. Freak thinks it's his friends' Meth lab, and begins using any needles he can find to use the "drugs" he finds. After it makes him very sick, a big chrysalis forms around him, and a giant monster pops out. . .

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  1. from Brand New Day
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