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Quote1.png So, what's your story, sweet cheeks? Is there an introductory super-villain promotion going on? Because you're my third newbie this month! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Freak-Out!"

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Synopsis for "Freak-Out!"

Freak turns into a monster and heals from being shot by Spider-Man's 2nd biggest booster/fan. Then, after he is gunned down by the police and falls into a sewer, he forms another chrysalis and he appears to evolve. His new sense of smell helps him track down Spidey. In the powerful life of Peter Parker: Lily's dad decides to run for mayor and Pete gets the lucky assignment to make her father look bad on film. Dexter Bennet finally learns Peter Parker's name, only to find that it's actually Parkinson. Ol' Peter is sent off to take pictures of Crowne to make him look good. So Pete takes his camera to a new feature thing, but when he gets there, Freak shows up. Officers Vin & O'Neil quickly arrive and learn that shooting Freak in the head doesn't work. So they let Spidey take fight him instead. Crowne is down from stray gunfire. . .

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