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Quote1.png Cigars? you brought me cigars? Bless you, Spider-Man, I always knew you weren't all bad. Quote2.png
J. Jonah Jameson

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Synopsis for "Burned!"

Spider-Man saves Randall Crowne's life while Freak catches a whiff of the "magic dragon" and jumps away to Raymond's place where he kills Raymond and Carter. He then finds some drugs to use, until Spider-Man shows up and a fight ensues.

Freak wins by burning the place down while seemingly perishing. Dexter Bennett uses the pictures Peter took of the scene to write a story saying: "Spider-Man tried to kill Randall Crowne, but the heroics of Armadillo-Man (Freak) saved the day." This makes Peter realize that having J. Jonah Jameson run the Bugle wasn't the worst case after all. So he goes to visit Jameson at the hospital to extend the hand of friendship, and J.J. accepts.

Then, Spider-Man pays Doctor Curt Connors a visit and they discover some things. . .

Lily Hollister and Peter's friendship seems to be developing into something more, which seems to follow the pattern that Peter seems to date girls that have previously dated Harry.

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