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Appearing in "Peter Parker, Paparazzi: Part Two - Flat Out Crazy"

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Synopsis for "Peter Parker, Paparazzi: Part Two - Flat Out Crazy"

A reporter is interviewing Edith Harper, the waitress Bobby Carr attacked in the last issue, in the same restaurant where it happened. Edith speaks about how badly Bobby Carr treated her. After the interview ends, Edith goes to the bathroom to speak with her mother on her cell phone. In that moment, Paper Doll, who was hiding in the restaurant using her ability to become paper thin, kills her for speaking badly about Bobby Carr.

In the street, a photographer named Frankie Kollins is harassing Bobby Carr, taking pictures of him and taunting him about his "mystery girl". An enraged Bobby smashes Kollins' nose with his own camera. In that moment, Peter, who is clinging on a wall, takes pictures of Bobby attacking Kollins. Bobby's bodyguards spot Peter and try to catch him, but Peter escapes.

Sean Rockwell, a talent manager, takes Bobby to his apartment. Kollins threatens Bobby, but Rockwell just gives his card to Kollins. Rockwell then takes out his cell phone and calls Dexter Bennett, who knew what was about to happen and sent two paparazzi. Bennett hired Rockwell to get close to Bobby. Bennett tells to Rockwell that he will double his payment and that nobody on his staff knew about what he did.

In the Coffee Bean, J. Jonah Jameson is complaining that he received a decaf coffee. He angrily says that he wants real coffee. But Harry Osborn steps in and tells Jameson that his wife told the coffee shop not to serve Jameson anything with caffeine. In fact, it is possible that she went to all the other coffee shops within the next twenty blocks. Harry offers Jameson a cup of chai tea, courtesy of the house. Peter then comes in and tries to reason with Harry. However, Harry is angry with Peter because of his new job as a paparazzo. Peter tries to make it up by paying some of the money he owed to Harry, but Harry replies that he has been pursued by paparazzi all of his life because he is Norman Osborn's son.

In the restaurant, Carlie Cooper is investigating the crime scene with Vin Gonzales and Al O'Neil. Vin invites Carlie to his apartment, saying that Peter is not going to move with him for a couple of days. Sergeant Palone asks Carlie to investigate the case, and Carlie accepts. The police take away the body of the victim and O'Neil tells Betty Brant that the body was flattened.

Over at the DB!, Peter gives his pictures to Bennett, who gives Peter a basket of exotic cheeses as a reward. Peter goes to Betty and Robbie Robertson, who are reporting about the murder of Edith Harper. Peter asks why she was murdered, and Robbie replies that they made her a celebrity by putting her in the newspaper. Although Bennett's lawyers will never allow them to say it, Robbie believes that the waitress's murder was in part their fault.

Later, Spider-Man is taking a coffee while watching an art exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art. Frankie Kollins is at the exhibition and he has gotten a restraining order against Bobby Carr and also filed a lawsuit against him. Kollins's restraining order has forbidden Bobby Carr to appear at the exhibiton. Spider-Man's spider-sense goes off and Paper Doll appears from a painting and tries to attack Kollins. In that moment, Spider-Man kicks her and throws her into the museum. The civilians run while Spider-Man fights Paper Doll. Kollins decides to stay and take some pictures. Paper Doll tries to attack Kollins but Spider-Man saves him and traps Paper Doll in a room by sealing it with his webs. However, Paper Doll cuts through the webs and tries to get Kollins, who fearfully promises to cancel the restraining order and retire the lawsuit. Paper Doll stops her attack, Spider-Man thinks she has escaped, but she has actually hidden in the air ducts.

Kollins gives an interview to Sandy Stone and tells her about his encounter with Paper Doll and Spider-Man. Kollins calls Spider-Man the Spider-Tracer Killer, to Spider-Man's dismay. Spider-Man swings away, thinking about a way to defeat Paper Doll. He thinks of someone who might know the answer, Carlie.

Later, Peter goes to Carlie's lab and asks her how Paper Doll killed Edith Harper. Carlie explains that Paper Doll killed Edith Harper by compressing her body. This reduced her lung capacity. Carlie explains that Edith Harper may have died by asphyxiation. Peter thanks her and leaves.

Sean Rockwell calls Bennett to tell him about Bobby Carr's plans. Bobby is about to go to The Hamptons to see his "mystery girl". Bennett promises to send one of his paparazzi and to pay Rockwell. After Rockwell hangs up, Paper Doll appears and kills him.

In the Hamptons, Bobby Carr goes to see his mystery girl, Mary Jane Watson.

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